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GhostriderTx's Avatar GhostriderTx 08:52 PM 11-27-2005
and I hope I am doing something wrong because the DVD quality is poor to say the least. This is my first try. I used both +R and -R. First four of my five +R would not format. I used a tape of a recent football game and set quality to SLP for four hours. The quality of the DVD was very poor with -R. I played around and recorded at the two hour maximum and quality wa slightly better but still poor. Am I mssing something here? I expect a VCR to DVD to be close in quality to the tape. The only options I cose in setting up the Sony was to choose progressive since I have the A10 TV. Any ideas? Will +R make a difference or will a different blank DVD maker change the quality to at least equal to a VCR tape.

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