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ordoff's Avatar ordoff 08:20 AM 11-30-2005
I have just puchased an Archos AV500 and I am interested in tranfering some saved programs from my DVR (Motorola DCT6208). My DVR has a USB1.1 connection to it but the Archos does not reconize the connection Directly. What is the easiest way to transfer the saved programs from the DVR to the Archos AV500? I am not AV savy, but willing to learn. The only solution that I can come up with is to hookup the Archos directly to the DVR through AV plugs and record as it plays, but that seems like the long way to go about this since it does have a USB port. Any Suggestions.

Any help is much appreciated.

thank you.

JGCREWS's Avatar JGCREWS 09:55 PM 12-15-2005
Straight A/V cables is about it. I don't know of any 5208s that have functioning USB ports. Even on the advanced 6412, which has ethernet, SATA, USB 2.0 & Firewire, all that works is firewire and that is very limited.
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