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01-10-2007 | Posts: 17
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I have an external SATA drive which I can connect to my DTV HR20-700 HD DVR
to extend my recording space. I know this works as I read an article about doing
this with a RAID array of 3.7 TB and how you had to connect the array to a PC
to build the array, then it could be moved to the DVR. The problem is that the
article didn't say what to format the drives under, fat32, ntfs, linux, etc. Is anyone
familiar with this and whether or not I should format this drive and with what OS?
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01-12-2007 | Posts: 73
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the HR20 automatically formats it for you when it senses that an unformatted HDD is plugged into the eSATA port when the HR20 is plugged in.
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