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Is there any workaround to allow the RF output of the 8300HD to work when the main TV is turned OFF (breaking the HDMI/DVI handshake)?

I am trying to watch the 8300 box in another room connected with standard RF connector out BUT when the main TV near the box is turned off, the TV in the other room gets a message about unable to watch and I need to use component
cables to enable the 8300 output and the box stops responding to the remote. (My main TV only has 1 DVI for the 8300 and 1 component used by the DVD player)

Is there any work arounds to keep the 8300 rf out working (other than just leaving the main TV on which is what I have been doing)?

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I've got the same problem, hoping a bump may help it out. The only workaround I've found is to use Component out of the 8300HD to my TV, it doesn't suffer the same issue. I realize that doesn't help your situation since you only have one component in and it's already spoken for.

Maybe it's my brain expecting HDMI to be better so it appears that way, but it does seem to produce a better picture than the component cables, so I too want a solution to this problem.

I'm glad you asked this question too, since just seeing the way you asked it helped me out... I hadn't realized that it WOULD work if the HDTV was on... I was trying to use the cable out to run another TV (SD) elsewhere and got the error. So I now have two workarounds... Watch the second (SD) TV with the HDTV ON, or use component cables.

I'm going to continue to see if I can find an answer and if I do, I'll be back to post it here as this forum is THE place for all answers to be.

Thanks all for everything, been lurking for a little bit and just recently obtained a Sony 46S2010. Lovin every minute!
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color me interested as well.

Is the RF output a pass through or is it switched with the STB?

I'd like to be able to run a coax to the built in tv tuner and make it easier on the kids to watch their stuff on regular ole cable.
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I have the exact same question. I've been hoping to hear that a HDMI switch will solve the problem by providing some kind of "presence" output to the cable box, but I've been unable to confirm that this would work. I received the following in response to my query of an online retailer as to whether a switch would do the trick:

First, a little explanation of HDMI. HDMI is a format that offers two way communication between components. Some of the pins in the cable are for simply transmitting the audio and video signal, the rest are for data communication. The thing about HDMI is that different chips work differently, so it's hard to predict how they will react to each other. In the scenario you described, if the cable box and television are connected via HDMI, then when you turn off the television, it says to the cable box, "Hey, I'm turned off." The thing is the HDMI usually doesn't turn off. It's not that the cable box looks for the television and finds there is no television there as if it's been disconnected. With HDMI, the cable box looks for the television and the television responds, "Yes, I'm here but I've been turned off." The data communications portion continues to work. Just like on a computer network, you will notice that the LED on the NIC card stays on even when you shut down the computer. The network knows its still there.

The way an HDMI switch works is that the switch connects the data lines of all the connected components so that they are aware of the devices available on the system and switches only the video and audio transmission as necessary. At least that's how it looks to me from observing the circuit board and the way components behave.

If your television is shutting off the RF on your cable box it is actively doing so. You may need to physically disconnect the HDMI connection from the television to keep it from doing it.

Raleigh, NCĀ 

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Sorry to bump this but I too have a similar problem. I recently connected my Samsung 5265F via HDMI From my SA 8300 HDC. I run SDPIF to my amplifier for sound, and sometimes I like to listen to the cable box without having the TV on. Sadly, because of HDMI, when I turn off the TV, I get no sound whatsoever from SPDIF.

Like others have said above, it seems we only have three options.

1. Use component to the TV, bypassing HDMI altogether, allowing us to use the other imputs and having multiple sound/audio sources.

2. Keep the TV on.

3. Use a HDMI switcher and hope that it works by leaving it on.

I wish there was some kind of fix, as I don't really want to run component cables to my TV or buying an HDMI switcher, but it's looking like I will have to just use component. If any others have another solution, I would love to hear it.

Also, for my particular problem, I could just disconnect the HDMI from the cable box when I just want to listen to audio, but that is very cumbersome.
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