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kbaer's Avatar kbaer 10:55 PM 12-05-2007
One of my friends just dropped a Dish DP942 HDTV DVR on me. I don't have Dish and have no intention of having Dish. I was thinking about trying to set it up to record off our cable signal. Has anyone done this? It's junk to her and if worse comes to worse I'll pull the hard drive and put it in an enclosure. It just seems like such a waste to trash all that other tech for a hard drive. I'm handy with a sodering Iron and willing to experiment. Any tips or tricks? Anyone done this before? If anyone has any info on the producer/chipset/other electrical data I would appreciate it.

Anthony1's Avatar Anthony1 12:07 AM 06-08-2008
I just got one of these myself, and I don't have dish or use dish, but I was wondering if I could use the DVR for recording over the air HDTV programs, even if I don't have dish service?
mikepd's Avatar mikepd 02:30 AM 06-23-2008
@kbaer- if the drive is a standard hard drive then you can use it, however, if it has been modified some way to turn it into a proprietary format then you may have problems.

@Anthony1- AFAIK, the unit will not work without a signal from Dish enabling the unit. It is just like what happens to regular subscriber systems when the units can't receive the sat signal due to weather or other reasons. The only thing you can view is recorded programs that are on the DVR hard drive but cannot watch TV or record programs until the sat signal is restored.

4HiMarks's Avatar 4HiMarks 07:23 AM 06-23-2008
Try the Dsh forum over at DBSTalk. That is where most of the satellite stuff has moved.

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