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vemwow's Avatar vemwow
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01-03-2008 | Posts: 1
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Hey i just recently started working with a cable company working with these boxes. Now alot of them come back with and error saying "Fr I" then "Hunt"
and it just repeats it over and over. Im not sure what the firmware version is, or how to check it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
soulfly's Avatar soulfly
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01-24-2008 | Posts: 17
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what menu are you seeing this in?
hels's Avatar hels
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07-01-2008 | Posts: 5
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I purchased the box from ebay and tried to get it to work with comcast. so I think I was stupid but did a factory reset on the box. now it just has cable channels not menu or etc. where do I go from here. it has disabled second tuner and record etc. any help would be great. i have service with them with 2 other boxes online now. not trying to hack the box just get it working
demonfoo's Avatar demonfoo
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07-01-2008 | Posts: 1,272
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If you bought the box off eBay, it's *not* going to work with your cable company, and they will not register the unit with their head-end. Please see the multitude of prior threads about this same question. And no "but, but" - *it won't work*. Congrats on your paperweight.
hels's Avatar hels
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07-08-2008 | Posts: 5
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so far its a goood paperweight and thanks
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