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cephraim's Avatar cephraim 09:16 AM 01-11-2008
I did some searching, but couldn't find the answer to this question.

Does the Comcast DCH3416 allow backing up of recorded shows to VCRs or DVD-recorders, or to PCs?


cephraim's Avatar cephraim 12:19 PM 01-22-2008
Any thoughts?

Thanks again,
soulfly's Avatar soulfly 07:37 PM 01-24-2008
You should be able to if you have a dvd burner or vcr in line with the box. You would just have to watch and record at the same it.
cephraim's Avatar cephraim 07:40 PM 01-24-2008
Thanks - but can you transfer the prerecorded shows to VCR or DVD, or can you only transfer things you are watching live?
Also, what outputs would you use on this box?

Thanks again!
soulfly's Avatar soulfly 08:57 AM 02-03-2008
pre recorded will work. The rf output on that box converts the output to analog, so you could do any program you record, I wouldn't do hd stuff though.
cephraim's Avatar cephraim 09:28 AM 02-03-2008
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