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Originally Posted by GeorgeSXM View Post
I do not believe this to be the case. I was an early on purchaser of the lifetime subscription. Have done several transfers. Most recent was a couple years ago when they tried telling me that I was out of transfers, I raised a bit of a fuss and they relented as I had subscribed before they started putting the limits on them.

Anybody have an original copy of the Sirius lifetime agreement? I would be interested in seeing it.

The first lifetime I bought (I bought a few over the years) was in 2004 and I'm fairly certain I remember it being a 3-transfers deal. That may be me remembering later deals, though.

Sorry for any confusion.
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Originally Posted by Austin Wolff View Post
Thanks for the response! First, I called prior to 8am and the CSR did in fact have to refer to his documentation to see what terms applied to the exact year of my lifetime purchase. That's what he explicitly stated to me anyhow. Although the section that I copy and pasted from SiriusXM may mostly be referring to non-vehicle radios, I believe this is what he referenced.

Second, regardless of the unfortunate situation that I'm in, as well as many others, I am able to transfer the subscription one last time, which is why my original question, "Can I transfer this to a tuner and simply remove from one car to the other", as one of the other forum users alluded to (well, explicitly stated as well), still stands. One user stated it was possible, I'm merely fishing for someone else to confirm that option.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Before June 20, 2005: Yes, it is transferable from one radio to another any number of times.*
From June 20, 2005 until September 7, 2007: Yes, your Lifetime subscription is transferable a maximum of three times.*
On or after September 8, 2007: Lifetime subscriptions associated with home, portable or dock & play radios can be transferred a maximum of three times.* Lifetime subscriptions first associated with or transferred to radios installed in vehicles by automakers or dealers are NOT transferable unless the radio is stolen, accidentally damaged or defective.
I purchased my Sirius Everything Lifetime subscription on December 30, 2007, and at least three of the Customer Service Reps/Sales Team members I spoke with at the time assured me that I could transfer as many times as I wanted as long as I paid the $75 charge to do it. I remember it clearly because at the time the lifetime subscription "bet" was significant ($415.89 for a service that might end with the company going belly up in 6 months!) and I had no idea how many times I would need to transfer from one radio to another since I also had no idea how durable their radios would be. So I asked that specific question of every person in the chain before my Sirius Everything Lifetime subscription purchase was finalized and got the same answer; "You can transfer it as many times as you want".

I should also say I don't recall ever getting anything about any of it in writing, other than a charge on my credit card for $415.89. Yes, the fine print in the Sirius promotional ad might have said something about how many times it could be transferred but I don't remember that either. However, I do remember what the Customer Service Reps/Sales Team were telling me at the point of purchase...which I realize isn't worth anything at this point. But I can attest to the fact that "You can transfer to another radio as many times as you want" was still being pitched by the Sirius Sales Team to help them sell lifetime subscriptions on December 30, 2007, whether it was true or not.

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I’ve been reading this thread with great interest. I thought I’d post my $0.02. I bought Sirius Liftime in Jan. ’08 when it included internet streaming. In late ‘09, I up graded to “Best of XM” for another $100. I own a Stiletto 2, which moves between car/office/home.

The SiriusXM app had never worked for me – when I tried to use it, it’d say “basic accounts restricted” and refuse to log me in. I had given up on the app for a couple of years, then stumbled upon this thread, which said that the app should work now. I downloaded it, and it still didn’t work at first. After much trial and error, what worked for me was simply changing my password on the website. The next time I tried the app, it logged me right in! I now use it more that the Stiletto.

Based on what I’ve read here, I don’t think I’ll ever call SiriusXM for any reason. I’m not about to let them hand me the “Lifetime – renew every 3 years certificate” email for them to eventually refuse to honor. I’d even go so far as to say that if my Stiletto ever died and I needed a new satellite receiver (say, for a cross-country road trip) I’d consider ordering new monthly service under another name (and then cancel when the trip is over) rather than risk losing the internet. To paraphrase former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, “this thing is f*****g golden”, SiriusXM knows it, and they’re itching for you give them any excuse to renege.

I had a similar experience with T-Mobile with their “unlimited” data plan. It had been truly “all you can eat” for data, with no restrictions of any kind. Then they eliminated that for a “semi-unlimited” plan which throttled back your data rate when you exceeded a certain amount of data, although persons still on the old “all you can eat” plan were grandfathered. I had a conversation with a T-Mobile rep in which he changed some tiny aspect of my service, and poof! my unlimited data was gone. I asked them to change it back, but supervisor after supervisor said that there was *no* old plan to change it back *to*, as my old plan no longer existed at all. Sound familiar?

It seems that there's quite the history of companies having “seller’s remorse” with lifetime plans they’ve offered. Here’s a link to a (warning: long read) article about the lengths to which one airline went *not* to honor their $350,000 (or more) lifetime passes:
(oops, I can't post a link; google "LA Times The Frequent Flyers Who Flew To Much")
tl;dr: Airline execs went so far as to set up a crack “revenue integrity unit” to find something, anything, derogatory that they could pin on their customers in order to revoke these passes.

Bottom line: I wouldn’t be surprised to see SiriusXM try something similar. For example, sharing our login with others -- for those of us who travel a lot and own lots of different devices, they might accuse us of sharing our login with others if we happen to log in from lots of different platforms in many different areas of the country. Then, if the airline story is any guide, they’d simply accuse us of fraud, close our account, and basically dare us to sue them to try and prove otherwise. Bottom line – be careful out there, lifetimers.
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Originally Posted by ksdaley View Post
I’d even go so far as to say that if my Stiletto ever died and I needed a new satellite receiver (say, for a cross-country road trip) I’d consider ordering new monthly service under another name (and then cancel when the trip is over) rather than risk losing the internet.
You could always add a new device to your service plan, and get the multi-unit discount. I believe it's like $6/mo or something like that if you already have lifetime to add an additional receiver.

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Class action lawsuit

I am also in the same boat, I got the Lifetime subscription and after some cheaply made radios I am now on my 3rd one (Lifetime member since 2003\04) and they want to charge me $75.00 just to remove the old broken one and activate the new radio. We should be grandfathered in like the cable companies have to do. Please email me if you plan on legal action against SiriusXM, I am more than willing to join a lawsuit vs trying to go about it on my own.
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