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jonvan's Avatar jonvan 11:22 AM 06-19-2003
Anyone found a way to make a longer cable for the XM home antenna, whats inside? is it just really thin copper conductor with no shield? Anyone?

JamesMH's Avatar JamesMH 12:24 PM 06-19-2003
Its a pair of coax cables, a copper solid core and a braided shield.
jonvan's Avatar jonvan 04:49 PM 06-19-2003
I was referring to the antenna/satt not the audio cables. It is long thin and black.
JamesMH's Avatar JamesMH 05:41 PM 06-19-2003
Yep, thats what I was talking about. It is a small pair of coax cables, one for the rf antenna signal and one for the sat signal. In the new models it'll only have one cable.


These should help you. :)
jonvan's Avatar jonvan 08:16 PM 06-19-2003
My connector does not look like that. It has "1" plug...like a tiny RF connection. It is a delphi unit...that is probably why we are crossing signals here. Thanks for the input so far.
JamesMH's Avatar JamesMH 12:32 AM 06-20-2003
Ok, this one then? http://shop.store.yahoo.com/xmfanstore/anexcasa.html http://store3.yimg.com/I/xmfanstore_1739_742105 But it looks like it is discontinued, another one is coming out.

You can use this one though, http://shop.store.yahoo.com/xmfansto...pxm25foca.html
It says "To use with the Delphi home kit, you will have to "pop-off" the colored plastic housing (instructions included)."

http://www.xmfan.com will be able to help you more.
jonvan's Avatar jonvan 04:19 PM 06-25-2003
JamesMH thank you for all your help. Looks like there is a new receiver base that has a diff style plug?

Thanks again. My new homeowners will be happy to hear they can get XM on their new whole house audio system.

JamesMH's Avatar JamesMH 05:33 PM 06-26-2003
No problem. Yep a few different plug styles out there. Let us know how your house install goes.
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