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pminaustin's Avatar pminaustin 09:07 AM 11-22-2008
I have very bad eyesight, which may explain why I am having this problem, but here it is: Yesterday, I tried for the first time to copy family movies recorded on VHS tapes to a DVD-R using the D-VR4XSU. Reading the instructions on page 79 of the manual (Dubbing a tape onto a disc), i reached a point in step 4 where it said as follows: "Then the following message will appear:" And - there is no message shown, just step 5.

I have tried a number of methods to dub, and they do not work. When I hit "dubbing" to start the process, I see the image from the VHS tape and the message "preparing for duplication, please wait." The tape begins to play, and I can't control anything on the recorder until the entire tape has finished playing - can't turn it off, can't stop the tape, can't do anything! Can someone take the time to lay out the steps, one by one, for me? Sorry to be so dense...I'd really like to get these movies recorded to help me fashion a Christmas present for my grown-up kids.

FYI, I am using the VHS drive in the cabinet; nothing external is connected, other than the television.


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