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balavay's Avatar balavay 04:29 PM 06-04-2009
I am looking for a DVD recorder that would have all the features of Philips 5990 in terms of playback (it plays almost any format) including video playback from USB devices.

After searching, I found these two:
Panasonic DMR-EA38VK
Phillips 3576

Some websites say that they can not play video from USB devices. Can anyone confirm this? I do not need to record from USB to DVD, I just want to be able to play avi videos.

Any other suggestions?

jjeff's Avatar jjeff 04:40 PM 06-04-2009
I'm almost positive the EA-38 (manual) only plays JPEGs from the USB port.
Church AV Guy's Avatar Church AV Guy 12:05 PM 06-05-2009
At the risk of repeating myself, I will once more say that if you want a relly good player, and a recorder, get separate components. Very few recorders make great players. You will be happier with separate units.
dsmith901's Avatar dsmith901 12:13 PM 06-05-2009
A USB connection would be digital and the MPPA will not allow DVD copying via a digital output. Of course that hasn't stopped people from doing it internal drives on computers.
CopRock's Avatar CopRock 03:00 AM 06-07-2009
This DVD recorder has USB and SD card slots and does play .avi & divx files very nicely....

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