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rickw717's Avatar rickw717 02:15 PM 12-09-2009
I am thinking of buying a Toshiba DR570 DVD recorder. It has a digital tuner inside. I am on Time Warner cable with a digital set top box. Is it possible to watch one channel and record another with this dvdr? If so how should I set it up. I have a Time Warner digital set top box, a Sony TV (plenty of connections on the back), and a Pioneer receiver (not A/V just audio), which I love.

If I can't watch one and record another no big deal, but if it is possible what's the best way.


jjeff's Avatar jjeff 02:34 PM 12-09-2009
Compliments of Digado in another thread.
If your STB has another set of composite outputs or better yet S-video, component or HDMI, then run it(from your STB) directly to another one of your TV's inputs.
You can split the audio with Y cables once, but splitting the yellow video would result in a darker poor picture to both devices.
This setup will allow you to record both scrambled and unscrambled channels, the only thing you cannot do is to record a scrambled channel while watching another scrambled channel, one or both must be unscrambled.
microladyusa's Avatar microladyusa 04:33 PM 12-12-2009
I have a Toshiba DR560 which I really like. I see no reason why you cannot watch one channel and record a different one.

What are your present connections set up as? Does your Sony TV have an ATSC tuner? Or is your Sony analog?
Brent Aucoin's Avatar Brent Aucoin 10:27 AM 08-02-2012
Has anyone else noticed a "hissing" or "buzzing" sound when the unit is turned off?
This is the second unit that I have found with this issue. I sold the first one because it drove me nuts. Found another one in a pawn shop in like new condition last Friday. Brought it home and found it also buzzes when the unit is in Standby.
If you use the unit for awhile, then turn it off, the buzzing is not so bad. It seems that as the unit cools down the buzz sound gets louder.
Any experiences out there with this?
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