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jjeff's Avatar jjeff 05:01 PM 05-23-2010
I'm a little concerned with this bullet:
Direct Component Video Input Resolution 408p, 720p & 1080p Selections
I assume they mean 480p and hope it would also do 1080i?
Personally I'd just route my audio straight through and avoid the extra connections going through the converter but I know some other converters also have the audio in/out loop. My Sima only has video connectors.
It will be interesting to see what the price turns out to be and if it will slightly lighten the image like some other filters, including my Sima. I haven't heard this being reported from users of the Video Filter brand filter but then that filter is among most expensive filters available.

greaser's Avatar greaser 05:15 PM 05-23-2010
jjeff, i don't think it matters what the input resolution is, since dvdr's can only accept 480i. As far as video filters are concerned,i have a sima ct-2 and my filter darkens my picture. I wish it didn't,i have to set mine to lighten the pic. As far as the new Shinybow component video converter is concerned,i am also interested in the price.The 3yr.warranty really, really interests me cuz very few cos. are willing to give that long of a warranty. Maybe a high quality product?? G.
permutations's Avatar permutations 07:17 PM 05-23-2010
If you try it, please post your feedback.

I still haven't gotten my money back from the dead-on-arrival Lenkeng. Naturally the place I bought it from ignored my email. PayPal also is ignoring my claim. I paid for it through AmEx on PayPal for just this type of problem, so I'll try filing the claim with AmEx next.
permutations's Avatar permutations 07:10 PM 01-18-2013
Here is a belated followup...

American Express did ultimately refund my money for the DOA Lenkeng. After that, I dropped the whole thing for a while. But this week I finally did buy a downscaling converter, and it is great. I got an Ambery SDV2:

It does exactly what I need, and I couldn't be more pleased. I have a new STB now - a Samsung SMT-H3270. I connected its component outputs to the SDV2, then used the S-Video output of the SDV2 to connect to my Panasonic DMR-ES20 DVD Recorder. When I look at my STB output through the DVD Recorder, it looks like the hi-def output I see on the STB, and I can burn it to a DVD! I didn't like spending close to $200, but now I can easily record whatever is on my STB, plus it seems to set the widescreen bit correctly. Hooray!

I also discovered I can transfer files from my DVR to my computer through firewire. On the PC, you need 32-bit Windows. I have a 32-bit Windows XP machine, but it's in the closet at the moment (I use it for development). It's much easier to do on the Mac, and I have a Mac, too. I haven't played around with that much yet. The SDV2 gives me everything I need, and it's easier.

Hope this helps someone.
jjeff's Avatar jjeff 07:49 PM 01-18-2013
Thanks for the belated (2.5+ year eek.gif ) follow up, as they say, better late than never biggrin.gif
I totally agree with you thoughts, if your going to do something it's worth doing it right and on that note I should really purchase something like that Ambery converter you linked. The Lenkeng(and MP) converters while cheap IMO look just that, cheap. The Ambrey converter looks classy right down to it's aluminum case cool.gif
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