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gkd's Avatar gkd 07:37 PM 12-12-2010
Using an MDR513H fed with cable coax doesn't record the HD digital channels, just the SD ones. I'm not complaining that the recorded resolution is not HD (I reviewed that sticky post for clues). I looked at the 'How Virtualized Cable-QAM Channels Can Cause "Oddities" in Tuning' post, other similar threads suggested when creating this post, and also searched for some keywords, but I didn't get a convincing answer yet. I can record channel 3.5 (an NBC SD feed), but not 3.1 (an NBC HD feed). I get what another post seemed to report: a "black window symptom" when I record the HD channel, with the date/time/channel correctly specified in the timer programming window. I can receive/view both the HD and SD channels. I called Funai support, but the guy had some story about the unit was really only designed for digital channel reception of OTA channels, and he claimed I was lucky to get digital channels over cable. Looking at the unit user guide in the Timer Recording section, it has a table with channel types of "Digital TV" and "Digital CATV", which I would suspect is OTA/VSB and cable/QAM256 respectively. So I wouldn't think the recorder part of the unit would care, and just record its tuner's output. I wouldn't expect it NOT to record an HD feed, but convert it to an SD quality appropriate for a DVD, even though I'm recording to the HDD. While pressing the support guy further, he suggested that if I can view a channel but not record it, it was a copyright issue that was causing this. I did record 3.1 once for the CBS news, but 3.1 for prime time shows did not record, so maybe the copyright issue is what's happening. But, I never had this issue with the DVD recorder (Panasonic EZ48) that this unit replaced. So, is there a simple/clear reason I'm seeing this? Any way around it? I went through the "Magnavox 515, 513, 2160A, 2160, 2080 & Philips 3576, 3575" sticky post, as well as the one below it, and I didn't see a clear answer. Any other thoughts? Thanks.

Westly-C's Avatar Westly-C 10:11 PM 12-12-2010
Does the black screen appear when setting a timer recording on the HD channels in question? When you tune to those problem digital chs can you record them when pressing the REC button? If so, then this sounds more like an issue we've encountered with the Maggy line, one where the signal strength of certain QAM channels via cable can cause the Mag tuners to skip or not properly lock in a digital ch if the signal is too strong.

You've already read that section of the 2160 thread, so have you tried deleting the analog version of the problematic digital channels to sse if they may be causing the tuner interference?
wajo's Avatar wajo 11:24 PM 12-12-2010
Sounds as if you have Tuning Interference. See item #4 in the "Specific DVDR Problems..." section here.

See also the "Map-Your-Own" solution and the cable and OTA successes there.
cjschlough's Avatar cjschlough 08:30 PM 03-14-2012
I too get the black screen recordings for Timed Recordings on certain sub channels. This is Digital Over The Air Only (I have no cable or satelite).

I can always record these with instant recording.
I can always seem to record the first main channels such as 5.1
But on Timed recordings on a subchannel such as 5.3, it will often record a black screen for the entire time of the scheduled recording.

If I'm watching prior to the recording start, I see the warning pop up 1 minute for it starts, and then it switch away from the current channel, but on 5.3 (or whatever sub channel) it will say 'scanning' for a little bit and then go black rather than bringing up the video. I can stop the recording and use the channel up/down buttons to get the correct channel to show.

I've had a little better luck by putting it on the correct channel before I go to create the recording schedule, and never changing it in the schedule. Even then Daily recordings will often work just for one day and then the next day it records black again.
wajo's Avatar wajo 09:27 PM 03-14-2012
Sounds as if you both have Tuning Interference. See item #4 in the "Specific DVDR Problems..." section here.

Also see the "Map-Your-Own" solution and the Cable/OTA successes described there.
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