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DVD Recorders (Standard Def)

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Hello All,

When I ave a timer recording and it is set to record to the DVD. But if the DVD does not have enough space to record the recorder switches to the HDD which is great.

But it always uses the HQ recording settings and I would like to make it use something less since some of these recordings are not so important to keep, and will be used to watch what I missed.

Is there a way to set a default recording mode so that I don't use up too much of the HDD?

In the timer recording it is specified that it should record using the SLP mode.

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Press the Rec Mode button to select the default you want.


You can also set it from the Display menu where the current default will be in lower right corner.. pres Rec Mode button to change.


Be aware that any HDD>DVD dub made at some OTHER rec mode will set THAT mode as the default, so check after such dubs. Only HIGH never changes the rec mode.


Please click the 1st link in my sig. for an index of help files where all this info is available.

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