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3ccc 12-09-2012 02:43 PM

Have the original magnavox 2160a hard drive out of case it was replaced with a new one. I would like to get the content off of the original drive w/o having to reinstall it. Can This be done?

I put the magnavox hdd in an external hdd case but it is recognized as a blanl drive if recognized at all.

Would changing the pins on the back of the drive be of any help?

all useful suggestions appreciated.

wajo 12-09-2012 03:02 PM

Not sure which drive is where. but if you successfully installed a new drive in the case, I don't know how you're trying to "access" the original drive outside the case at the same time with the Mag, so maybe you're trying to read it in a computer. That won't work since people say it's a proprietary file structure. Some work has been started on understanding that structure, but nothing definitive yet on reading an entire drive.


Here's a thread on understanding the file structure, and here's one on some "unrefined" suggestions.


One "sure" way to at least be able to play the titles on the removed HDD is to set up an external dock as described here. You could start your own "HDD farm" that way... adding as many external HDDs as you need and playing them one at a time. Still no way to copy the files to another HDD except by playing them as suggested in the link above.


If installing a NEW HDD in your Mag, it won't recognize the HDD UNTIL you do the SKIP 079 procedure, Steps 1 and 2, then record a short snippet to the HDD, about 6-10 sec worth...select HDD drive, then press REC and  let the red REC dot go away before stopping the recording.


There also an excellent FW Update for the 2160A that fixes the E19 error AND makes it operate like a 515, incl. pre-titling timer rec programs so show titles are added to timer recordings.

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