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Cyclone82's Avatar Cyclone82 01:42 AM 12-22-2012
What do you use your DVD/HDD recorders for? I was wondering if people use SD DVD recorders (composite/S-video/DV input or component if you have it) for recording anything else other than TV?

Some possible uses –

Recording video from a camcorder or mobile phone
Recording video game play from Playstation/xbox/Nintendo/Sega etc
Recordng downloaded/streamed videos off the internet eg youtube from PC
Recording from DVD/VHS/Beta/Laserdisc/CED player etc
Recording CCTV security system
Recording live from cameras set up at some sort of event/function eg wedding, conference, social event, ceremony etc

Anything else?

joed32's Avatar joed32 06:31 AM 12-22-2012
Recording anything from my DVRs that I want to keep, mostly movies.
Recording some steaming movies from the Rokus.
jjeff's Avatar jjeff 06:43 AM 12-22-2012
Recording from the output of a DVD player(I also have a BD player with S-video output but rarely use it since I get better picture quality using a good quality DVD player) to back up DVDs or make "best of" DVDs where I only compile parts of a movie. The few movies with CP require a Sima CT-2.
Off loading my Tivo HD(which is the only way I record TV now days, I never directly record TV to my DVDRs, everything comes from the Tivo HD).
Off loading things I want off my Sony Hi8mm movie camera and also Nikon still camera with HD movie capability.
Off loading things off my daughters Sony memory chip video camera.
Converting videos(VHS and Beta) to DVD(note for the most part I'm done with this project but still run into the odd tape that needs to be converted).
I use S-video for everything other than from VHS, Beta, memory chip camcorder and my Nikon camera which all only have composite output. I've tried a HDMI to S-video converter with my Nikon but I get better picture quality using the Nikons native composite output.
I think thats it, I'll update this post if I think of anything else smile.gif
Cyclone82's Avatar Cyclone82 10:19 AM 12-22-2012
What blu ray player have you got with s-video out?
jjeff's Avatar jjeff 12:57 PM 12-22-2012
Originally Posted by Cyclone82 View Post

What blu ray player have you got with s-video out?
Panasonic DMP-BD30, I think it was the last year Panasonic included S-video out. Sony also had a few older BD players with S-video, I wanted a ES1000 (I think that was the model) but never found one for a decent price. BD players with S-video out are quite rare and for the most part were dropped after '08 model year, S-video was also dropped on DVD players about the same time.
crabboy's Avatar crabboy 01:15 AM 12-23-2012
Since we got DirecTV I've used the DVR for television (program) recording. I have a Panasonic EA-18 for saving anything worth keeping from the DVR. On another setup I have an antenna and converter box to get older movies from Antenna TV, THIS, and Bounce TV. I use my old Panasonic DMR ES-10 to save them, then edit out commercials on my computer.
I also use the 10 to copy VCR tapes (that I own) to DVDs for safekeeping.
I also have a Lite-On DVDR that I take "on the road" and record from hotel TV systems. I used to take my Panasonic DMR ES-15 but I've gotten a little paranoid about wear and tear, so it's retired to my main equipment stack.

So yeah, one way or another I use the DVDRs to record from TV. But I'm (verrrrrrrrrrry) gradually converting my tapes to discs.
I may record some programming from my Roku but I haven't done that yet.
Cyclone82's Avatar Cyclone82 03:42 AM 12-23-2012
So is the Lite On a portable dvd recorder?
profhat's Avatar profhat 07:37 AM 12-23-2012
Recording from CABLE and SATELLITE STB.
krazykanuck's Avatar krazykanuck 09:25 AM 12-23-2012
Record (Cable Box) Motorola 3080 PVR S-video to Liteon 760.
Record hacked ILO R04 (single drive recorder CP hacked, used as a player) S-video to Liteon 740.
Record same hacked ILO R04, split audio, Component to Philips 720.
Record (Cable Box) Pace 758 PVR Component to Sony 715 #1.
Record hacked ILO R04#2 Component to Sony 715 #2.
Record (Cable Box) Motorola 2500 S-video to Sony 715 #2.
Record OPPO 980 (dvd upscaling player) HDMI (at 480i) to HDFURY2 to Component to Sony 715 #3.
Cyclone82's Avatar Cyclone82 02:58 PM 12-23-2012
Krazykanuck, you may have to describe what some of those devices are eg ILO R04, OPPO 980, Motorola 2500 etc as i am only guessing what they are.
Chingu808's Avatar Chingu808 03:32 PM 12-23-2012
Record HD-TV or Digital from SA TW cable box. Mostly Korean dramas that are english subbed that are not available to d/l with fan subs.
I also record local programs like annual Merrie Monarch Festival, May Day Parade, & other local programming like this mornings Memorial Service for Senator Daniel Inouye here on Oahu for relatives on the mainland.
Desert Hawk's Avatar Desert Hawk 12:18 AM 12-24-2012
I wish I knew how to record from my phone video camera to my 513. Is it possible? The phone only has USB, no video outs.
Desert Hawk's Avatar Desert Hawk 12:18 AM 12-24-2012
I wish I knew how to record from my phone video camera to my 513. Is it possible? The phone only has USB, no video outs.
crabboy's Avatar crabboy 12:47 AM 12-24-2012
Originally Posted by Cyclone82 View Post

So is the Lite On a portable dvd recorder?

Maybe not intended to be portable, but barely bigger than your typical small DVD player. PQ is acceptable at 2 hour setting, and not too bad at 3 hr setting. I don't know if they make this model anymore (don't have the number handy - away for Christmas) but I got mine on ebay.
Cyclone82's Avatar Cyclone82 01:32 AM 12-24-2012
Sounds like its about the size of my pioneer dvd player which is about 360x200 x40
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