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Doug O's Avatar Doug O 11:26 AM 02-04-2013
Besides the Component inputs it also seems to allow recording of Macrovision protected tapes! Doing one right now that my Pioneer 650 said was copy protected and would not record. I only ever saw these units in Canada though VisionQuest still sells TVs...

jjeff's Avatar jjeff 12:51 PM 02-04-2013
I tried searching this forum to look for any other threads on your model but either there were none or more than likely the worthless search function of the new forum just didn't find any. Again I'd lean towards the second, since searching for either VisionQuest or PVR5000 yielded nothing, not even your thread rolleyes.gif
I'm not totally surprised that your recorder with component inputs seems to ignore CP, seems like most if not all the other recorders with component inputs did the same, Polaroids for sure. In fact even if you don't like the recording quality of your recorder it may be able to be used as a component to S-video filter to feed another DVDR of your liking.
dare2be's Avatar dare2be 12:56 PM 02-04-2013
Just browsed the manual....I want one of these! smile.gif
Doug O's Avatar Doug O 08:14 PM 02-12-2013
If I find another, I'll let you know. Ditto on later model Pioneer decks like the 640, 650 and 660. Might be wilingl to mail those across the border since so few Ebayers seem to want to. Haven't seen anything in my area in awhile, but I'll keep my eyes open...
Doug O's Avatar Doug O 09:15 PM 02-17-2013
Oh yes, the manual is incorrect. Page 15 "Recording Source" misses the rear Component inputs entirely. I must check also if the unit can do bi-directional firewire transfers. The manual does say it can record the vcr portion and act as a monitor of the camera but I'd like to try and see if there is bi-directional support through a computer as well. Now, where can I get a Mac... biggrin.gif
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