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I have a standard definition Sony Trinitron tv that has component and composite input.

And, I have a Pioneer DVR-560H, which has component out as well as composite out.

But my standard definition cable box does not have a working component out ..

(Well, it technically has a component out, but apparently the cable company has disabled it, because they took their old hd "Explorer 3290" boxes and refurbished them to only work in SD. If anyone knows how to enable the component please let me know)

Soo my main question is:

I have the coaxial cable going from the wall to the cable box, and then I have another coaxial cable going from the cable box to the dvd recorder input. So does it make difference in the picture quality I will get from my cable box if I use component from the dvd recorder out to my tv instead of using composite cables?

And even if it doesn't improve my cable signal, will it improve the quality of what i play from my dvd recorder to my tv?


Also, if you can solve the other question at the top, in brackets, please let me know as well!

Thanks again.

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Yes by all means if your DVDR is capable of 480i out of it's component output then run that to your Sony TV. I used to use a Sony tube TV and noticed a better picture by using component(brighter more contrast and more resolution). This connection will not improve recordings, only playing DVDs to your TV.
Even a bigger improvement for you I'd think would be to run S-video or even composite from your cable STB to your DVDR. Modulated channel 3 or 4(coax) is the worst picture quality to go from a cable box to your DVDR. If your cable box only has RF or RF and maybe HDMI and your not using the HDMI, I'd suggest a HDMI to S-video converter(~$40 for a cheap one) to get better recordings. They also sell component to S-video converters but it sounds like your component may not work.
I think due to CP(copy protection) compliance some cable boxes may be disabling component(which isn't as locked down as HDMI).
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The rule of thumb is to always use the highest quality connection available to you - and in your case that would be the component output.

I used component output with my Pioneer recorders (640,650), and while I couldn't tell you for sure if they improved the quality of the picture I can definitely state that they improved the clarity of the recorder's menus.
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