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I currently have a low hours S9800 vcr which has the dreaded SLP tape crease problem. Rather then get it repaired, would it be beneficial for me to pick up a used DVS2u? Would I be losing any features going to the DVS deck over the 9800? And does the DVS deck use the same crappy transport the 9800 does? I'd like to get a DVS deck for the extra mini dv capability, but won't give up my 9800 unless the DVS has all the same features without the tape crease problem. Any comments?
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They're of roughly the same vintage. The DVS2U has similar TBC/DNR, DigiPure with 4MB memory allocation, and R3 enhancements as the HR-S9800. It also has the same unpredictable transport: some were reliable, some weren't. The MiniDV side of the DVS2U was a notoriously unreliable tape destroyer.

I'd skip the DVS2U and send the 9800 to a known-competent service depot like JOTS Electronics in Texas. They'll either totally restore it or tell you its a lost cause (some JVCs are fixable, some become such trainwrecks that the transports can never be made reliable again).

If you prize the JVC "DigiPure" playback but are weary of the sadistic transport that comes with it, consider the pricier (but more reliable) JVC DVHS models. They're much newer, with a higher-spec transport. The DigiPure is not exactly the same as in the 9800, but its close enough for most purposes (and sometimes better).

To get the DigiPure circuits without the JVC transport follies, the only alternative is the Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U. This was a DVHS model with a Mitsubishi transport thats ten times more reliable than any JVC SVHS, coupled to a clone of the JVC DigiPure TBC/DNR circuit (even the interface for the menu options is similar).
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…a Mitsubishi transport thats ten times more reliable than any JVC SVHS…

Well I once had a Mitsubishi S-U500 (1994 era) that had the same transport as the Mitsubishi SVHS of the same year. Although this was a nice deck – it started developing transport problems within’ a couple of years. My buddy had 2 of the SVHS models, can’t remember the model # but they looked identical to my S-U500 but were S-VHS with a flying erase head and insert A/V dubbing. My buddy’s first deck started developing transport issues the same year as my deck and the second deck started developing transport issues about a year or two later. We opened the decks and compared the transports and they were identical.

Meanwhile I still own and still use two perfectly working JVC SVHS decks, a 2002 model and a 2003 model. It’s not just me – for instance there is a guy out of Texas who in the past year or two sold hundreds of JVC SVHS decks, used JVC SVHS decks that are 10 to 15 years old and the last time I looked at his eBay seller rating there was one report of a non functioning deck – that’s one report out of a few hundred transactions and most probably that one JVC SVHS deck was damaged during shipping.

JVC must of sold a million SVHS decks to every thousand decks that Mitsubishi sold yet there are just about the same negative reviews concerning Mitsubishi decks. So if you do the math you will understand the stats.

I’m almost convinced that the majority of folks who are always trashing JVC decks are folks whom either purposely trash their, decks, or misuse/ abuse their decks by either stacking a ton of weight on top of them and/or not giving them enough ventilation or forcefully jamming tapes inside the transport.

Oh BTW, my buddy with the bad transport Mitsubishi decks? He’s been a proud owner of JVC SVHS decks for the last 15 years and his JVC SVHS decks work just as good as mine.

Not tryin’ to bash Mitsubishi here like some folks continually trash JVC – just bringing things into reality. Sure all brands of decks break down but to continually trash JVC and state that other brands are ten times more reliable is not true.
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Uh-huh. Here we go. Again.

YOU do the math, Super Eye: your "perspective" on JVCs is about as useful as a pulled pork sandwich to a vegetarian in this context. The OP got royally screwed by a particular JVC SVHS vcr, and asked if an alternative model was from the same generation and might have the same problems. The answer is, yes, it was, so yes, it might. Not, "oh, I've NEVER had a problem with *my* dozens of JVCs, and anyone who ever claims they did is either a liar, a stupid ignorant git, or probably both and worse."

Enough with that crap already : we GET IT. You have been blessed by the gods of JVC SVHS. Bully for you: go initiate a JVC appreciation thread. But someone who's been rooked by a malfunctioning JVC SVHS really does not want to hear of your pure unabated joy, and be told they're a stinking liar and an idiot. It's insulting, and not at all helpful.

Let me repeat my reply to braxus in terms even you should be able to comprehend. I said, aging JVC SVHS of the HR-S9800 and HR-DVS2U generation have commonly had transport issues similar to what he complained of, and that trading one model for the other may lead to disappointment (especially the DVS2U). I suggested sending the 9800 to a JVC repair specialist, or opting for the newer JVC DVHS models, which have newer improved transports. And I suggested if braxus was very gunshy of JVC, he could get very similar TBC/DNR circuits in one particular Mitsubishi DVHS model.

I did NOT categorically state that all Mitsubishi VCRs were more reliable than all JVCs. I was speaking of the ONE model, MGA HS-HD2000U, in comparison to old used-up JVC SVHS vcrs. It has a rugged transport that isn't known to eat tapes and is regarded favorably by owners who work the machines hard for digitizing VHS and SVHS. If the choice is between this specific Mitsubishi and an old JVC SVHS DigiPure of unknown provenance, the MGA is the safer bet. If the choice is between the MGA 2000 and a similar-vintage JVC DVHS, it would be a toss up: both should be equally reliable.

Just as the JVC DVHS is more reliable in some respects than the older JVC SVHS, the Mitsubishi 2000 DVHS is significantly more reliable than Mitsubishi's older SVHS decks. Throughout the '90s, MGA used a flimsy plastic loading mechanism that shattered into unrepairable pieces within three years of purchase. The previous MGAs had better loading carriers but terrible video circuit board isolation that regularly caused shorts and dropouts. Today, with all these machines being long discontinued, one can only recommend the final, cheap Mitsubishi VCRs and the final DVHS 2000 model as being reliable: the rest are a gamble, if they even still function at all.

Your tales of the dealer in Texas who sold dozens of midrange, very-late-model like-new JVC SVHS models on eBay is a red herring in this discussion. Someone who needs TBC/DNR is not interested in those models: they don't have the DigiPure feature, so the fact that they happen to be reliable JVCs is irrelevant. I might just as well say to someone who has a tale of woe regarding the notoriously flaky Panasonic AG1980 "you must be a lying idiot, because a guy on eBay is selling tons of consumer-grade, like-new, late model Panasonic SVHS vcrs that have all been very reliable." The person who needs a functioning Panasonic AG1980 has not the slightest interest in the joy you've experienced with a midrange non-TBC/DNR Panasonic PV-VS4821. Thats an apples-oranges dead end digression from the point.

JVC made some staggeringly unreliable top-line SVHS models. So did Panasonic. So did Toshiba. So did Hitach/RCA. And don't even ask about Sony: they made JVC look like Rolls Royce. They all had lemons, and after 8, 10, or 15 years even the models that were known-rock-solid are no longer guaranteed winners in the second-hand market. Discussion of bad experience with years-old models of various brands should not diminish your enjoyment of one if you've been fortunate to have a sample that works perfectly. Conversely, your undisturbed copacetic sail thru life without a single hiccup does not change the horrible experiences others may have had with the very same models. Blinkered boosterism of any one of these brands was foolish back when they were new, and is ludicrous today now that all these old VCRs have one foot in the grave. You pays your money and you takes your chances with any of them. If you've been badly burned by one brand or product vintage, try another.
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