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chargersrool 01-19-2014 09:06 AM

Brought this dvd recorder back from storage and trying to hook it up to the tv.
Cant seem to get the display showing, read the manual and folowed the instructions but still did not get a display.

I have the ant cable coming from the wall to the cable adapter, I do not have a cable box, the adapter is working fine for receiving the tv signal.
Then I have the ant from the cable adapter to the dvd recorder, and the dvd recorder to the tv.
Then I had the AV out - R + L audio + Video connected to the tv on input 1

Am I doing something wrong?
Shouldnt I atleast get the display of the DVD recorder?

The DVD recorder

The TV

The Cable Adapter

CitiBear 01-21-2014 11:47 AM

We can't see from your pictures if you did anything wrong because none of the pics show the analog audio/video wires connected on either the Samsung recorder or your TV: you just show us the empty jack panels, one of which seems to be an additional recorder or decoder box. So we kinda have to guess, unless you update these pics. One guess I would make is your cable adapter pod is unusual in having a full set of HDMI, RF and analog outputs. Depending on the make/model of adapter and your particular cable company, the box may turn off its analog outputs whenever it senses an HDMI connection to the TV. This is more common than you might think. If the box has an output menu, see if you need to choose between HDMI and Composite to activate analog outputs feeding the Samsung.

Another possibility is you connected the cables wrong on either the Samsung, the TV, or both. When units like these have the standard a/v and component jacks lined up together, it is common to accidentally connect the a/v from the Samsung to the component jacks of the TV, and vice versa, etc. So you might want to check that carefully, as such cross-connections don't work (a dead giveaway is you get no sound at all no matter how loud you raise the TV volume). You might have also connected the a/v from the cable adapter to the component output jacks of the Samsung instead of its a/v inputs. It is incredibly easy to make such mistakes because the panels are hard to read in typical room lighting and the jacks all look alike.

What you need to connect is two sets of triple-plug a/v wires: one between the video and left/right audio outputs of the cable adapter and the yellow/white/red line inputs of the Samsung recorder, the other connects the yellow/white/red a/v outputs of the Samsung to the yellow/white/red Video Input 1 of your TV. The Samsung cannot make good recordings from the cable adapter antenna output, but you should be able to view it by tuning the Samsung to Channel 3 (or 4) and switching your TV to Video Input 1. You will get a clearer picture (and stereo sound) by setting the Samsung recorder input to A/V In (or Line In) instead of Channel 3/4. Here again the cable adapter may confuse things if it was designed to shut off the antenna or a/v outputs when it senses an HDMI connection: you do seem to have the adapter connected to the TV via HDMI.

Good luck! smile.gif

chargersrool 01-22-2014 08:58 AM

I figured it out, I had to unplug and restart the system before it would work, Thanks anyways!

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