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Time Warner has just changed to all digital. You now have to use an adapter, they say it's the Cisco 170.  Is there some way of still using the 535 as a timed/programmed recorder?  I had been using it that way until today; now the channels are not available without some adapter. Can anyone help??

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Why don't you read this thread. It may be about Comcast but the posts are valid for all cable companies that are eliminating analog and scrambling all the digital. You will find your detailed answers there.

Short answer is -- if they have eliminated analog and have scrambled all the digital channels, then no, you are screwed.
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Thanks;, I appreciate your answer.  I did read it earlier after posting.  I do a lot of taping, most of what I watch, on different equipment.  Must admit this is really the first time that I'm really considering not watching any TV programs. It makes me angry that these few companies are just taking over and controlling what, how and for how much you can view programs. Monopolies! Corporations! Bah Humbug!  Will give it some thought.

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If you live in a city where your local tv stations are located, you might be able to get an indoor antenna to connect to the Mag. The digital tuner would allow you to at least, get any broadcast network primetime shows, and permit timer recordings from different stations.

But if you're in an area where good antenna reception isn't possible, then the digital tuner in your Mag is now useless. The Mag will have to be connected to the DTA, with the recorder's channel set to analog ch3, to see the cable box feed. No timer recordings from different channels will be possible now, as it will only see the ch the box is set on.


Be sure and run a channel scan before you connect the DTA to the recorder. Some cable systems scramble the basic cable channels, but leave the local station's HD chs on for a while. You'd still be able to pick up the locals if they haven't encryted everything just yet.

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