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Originally posted by VideoGrabber
PatsWonSb responded:
> You can do this in FR mode, not SP mode. <

No, that's incorrect. It works fine in SP mode, though I'm sure with some effort, FR mode could also be used. I'd just be concerned that FR mode might be smart enough (dynamic enough) to notice that its projected burn rate wasn't using as much space as expected, and bump it up, thus using more than the fixed SP mode would. I'd only use FR mode if I wasn't already going to come close to 2:08-2:10 usage. Like if I had to fit 2:15.

He also indicated:
> Actually, you can get approx 2:15-2:20 of FR recordings before a drop in resolution occurs. <

That's correct, but a little misleading. FR mode won't drop down into the next lower resolution range until you exceed that time, but your PQ will be slightly reduced as you go beyond 2:00. Pushing it to 2:20 is an almost 20% decrease in the bit-rate, which could be noticably detrimental to PQ.
- Tim
Tim, thanks for correcting my misconceptions above. I haven't had time to try these things on my E80 yet. I was basing my statement that SP mode wouldn't work on the fact that my E30 cuts off an SP recording direct to DVD-R at approx 2:02. I have to use FR mode to get beyond this time.
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I recorded the PGA Championship (TNT coverage day 1) onto the HDD in SP with DVD compatible on. After editing out the commercials my video is 4:16 . To put it onto 2 DVDr can I divide at 2:08, add chapters and burn at high speed to DVDr?

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