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marcp's Avatar marcp 05:43 PM 09-04-2003
I'v only had this unit for a week and the third disc did not record audio only the video . this also happend on the next disc however I did hear the audio during the recordings . Sony's c.s. said to return the unit for another . Wondering if anybody else has had this problem as I'm leary about trying another . I'm not a big fan of the Panasonics either and have found the recorded and playback picture quality of the sony to be better . I've tried all pany's except the dmre-60 & e-80 . The e-50 performed quieter and ran cooler than the e-30 , hs2 & e-20 however in fixing the black level problem they created another problem of image contour lines . The chroma issue makes flesh tones look like a paint by number rendering . I have not tried the e-80 but I'm pertty shure it's the same . In addition my local channels vary from noise to unwatchable venitian blind effect with the pany's . And last when I finnish burning and finalize about every other disc in 60 min . mode than hit play they skip in several second intervals . Do I try another sony or wait for the pioneer ? Just wondering if the sony is going to be as problem riddled as the philips 985's ?

gigaguy's Avatar gigaguy 07:47 PM 09-04-2003
The Sony is their first model, may have glitches, I don't know. I have had none of the issues you state with my E80 Panny. I love it. I'm picky about picture quality and I'm very pleased with this unit. If the Sony is better picture it must be a very sweet picture too, good luck. Get a hard drive model anyway.
BullittMustang's Avatar BullittMustang 09:32 PM 09-04-2003
I have had the Sony for over a month with no problems what so ever. Maybe you are useing a bad batch of discs or you may have a bad recorder. Try another.
Thedjstott's Avatar Thedjstott 03:57 AM 09-07-2003
I have used both the Sony RDR-GX7 & RDR-GX3 & all is fine, I too am not impressed with the PQ quality on any of Panny's DVD recorders.

I am waiting for pioneer to launch their new range of recorders in the UK as the features list seems good and as pioneer dvd players usually have decent PQ barring CUE, which for me isn't an issue as my screen isn't big enough to show it anyway.

I would take your machine back & get it swapped it appears you have a duff machine
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