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reades's Avatar reades 09:02 AM 01-09-2004
Two Questions:

1.) What blank DVD-R discs work best/worst with the Panasonic E100?

2.) I guess to take advantage of the 4X dubbing, I need to buy 4X DVD's, right? What ones seem to be best?

Thanks for the help!

videonut's Avatar videonut 12:27 PM 01-09-2004
You can find all the answers at, and they have a great return policy.

The Ritek or BeAll 4X media will probably work for you.

Good Luck!
Peter M
reades's Avatar reades 12:38 PM 01-09-2004

Thanks, but they don't specifically address the E100, and I've read on these forums that the E80 and E100 react differently to media. Also, they don't list any 4x Discs for the Panasonics (since they don't show the E100).

RichardT's Avatar RichardT 01:06 PM 01-09-2004
Give this thread a thorough scouring and you'll find all kinds of answers.

Hate to dump water on someone else's parade, but Ritek 4x doesn't do well on my E100 (had it almost a month). 2 successes, 3 failures.

Verbatim 4x has worked well- so far.
reades's Avatar reades 01:11 PM 01-09-2004
which thread is that?
videonut's Avatar videonut 01:41 PM 01-09-2004
It's true that you will find many varying opinions regarding DVD media on this Forum. For some reason compatibility varies by machine, not so much by the model. This is why I'd suggested Meritline. They offer a very liberal return policy and also have special assorted packages so you can see which media will work for you.

Personally, I have a 99% success rate with BeAll discs (burned over seven hundred to date).

Good Luck,
Peter M
goony's Avatar goony 03:52 PM 01-09-2004
Originally posted by videonut
Personally, I have a 99% success rate with BeAll discs (burned over seven hundred to date).
Burned in what device(s)?

Londo's Avatar Londo 04:16 PM 01-09-2004
Originally posted by goony
Burned in what device(s)?


For me w/Beall 4x printable.... E20, E80, Pioneer A06, Panasonic LF-D521 and LF-D321 99.9% good (only screwups are mine....)
rondi's Avatar rondi 06:19 PM 01-09-2004
i don't know how many times i have posted this--- but here is another $.02!! :)

I have an E100 bot in Nov. i have tied Memorex X4 from Staples and half of the those were coasters. i returned the spindle and got a full refund. I ordered from a spindle of Ritek X4 and have had NO coasters.

I have a feeling it depends which burner is in the unit. some with E100's swear by Memorex X4 and others make coasters with Ritek's. go figure. it probably has to do with "when" the E100 is made.

do a search for rondi, and you'll see the pennies i threw into the discussion pot.
lenfl's Avatar lenfl 03:53 PM 01-10-2004
I received my E100 in late Nov. and bought a spindle of 50 Memorex 4x. 48 dubbed at high speed (15 min for 2 hr) were fine, one would dub only at 1 x and 1 would not play in my mitsu player. FINE, GREAT, so I bought another spindle of the same thing at the same place two weeks later and THE FIRST FIVE WERE FAILURES. Go figure, same machine, same brand etc. Anyone have any ideas?
randall's Avatar randall 04:04 PM 01-10-2004
Fuji 1x DVD-Rs (yes, from Taiwan) burned on my E100 since September without a single failure (knock on wood). I've had no reason to try another product.
spiderman2k1's Avatar spiderman2k1 09:28 PM 01-10-2004
I do not own the Panasonic DMR-E100HS but I have the E80H I got it last week and I have burned Kypermedia cheep media there the same as Memorex they come from the same place. I burner it fine. Other People are having problem. If I was going to buy a Panasonic recorder get one from they have the lowest price's and they move them fast. So they must have the newest one's that Japan just made.
John Alan's Avatar John Alan 10:38 PM 01-10-2004
UPDATED: 02-06-04: Went to BB and bought 100 TDK 2X DVD-R for $99. Only after burning a couple did I realize that my E100 will burn at 1X or 4X but not 2X!!! So, it takes nearly an hour to do a "high-speed" dub of a movie. The good news is success and compatibility are 100%. Next month I want to get a spindle of Ritek 4X and burn a bunch. If this thread is still around I'll update it...or maybe just start another.

Here's my experience so far on my E100: (the number is parenthesis are the aprox number of discs burned)

For 4X DVD-Rs on my E100 the success rankings would be something like:
1. Ritek (silver top) 100%
2. BeAll (white top - printable) 90%+***
3. Sony (silver top) 85% (many burned)
4. Memorex (silver, embossed top) 90% (only burned a few)
4. Leda (white top) 15%

1X and 2X discs all burn at 1X only! But all the following are 100%:

Specific results:

TDK 2X - 100% success (10)
Verbatim 1X, 2X - 100% success (5) - haven't tried 4X
Panasonic 2X - 100% success (3)
Sony 4X - 85%+ success (45)
Leda 4X - 15% success (20)
BeAll 4X - 90% success (30)***
Ritek / Ridata 4X - 100% success (5)
Maxell 2X - 100% success (5)
Memorex 4X - 100% success (2)***

***=Here's the deal on the BeAlls and now Memorex. Only one BeAll failed to finalize properly. However, I have a very picky (cheap) Apex machine that will play MOST discs I burn. However, I've had a majority BeAlls and Memores that only produce "disc error" in that machine and will not play. But, those same discs play fine in the E100 and a couple of Panny S35's I have. So, only a 'conditional' failure on a fair percentage of BeAlls. Maybe they don't have quite the compatility of say the Riteks. I think my next purchase will be a spindle of Riteks. That's the latest!

Panasonic - 100% success (5)
Maxell - 100% success (15)

I have never had a failure on 1X or 2X media. 4X seems to be a bit more problematic. But, it is a drag dubbing to a 1X disc. Takes way too long, even doing high-speed dubs...gotta move on! All 2X discs burn at 1X speed on an E100.

I, too, would like to hear from other E100 owners and hear their experiences with DVD-R disc. Please be sure to specify the SPEED of the disc with your info.

As I burn more I will continue to update this post.
Right now, at least for me, BeAll 4X - White top and Sony 4X are acceptable and Ritek 4X Silver top may be the best of the "inexpensive discs".quite
lenfl's Avatar lenfl 03:43 PM 01-11-2004
Question? does your e100 burn 2x disks at 1x or 2x or 4x speed
John Alan's Avatar John Alan 04:24 PM 01-11-2004
My E100 has always burns a disc - or attempts to - at the discs rated speed. It has never tried to burn a 4X at 2X or 1X. It tries 4X and it either works or fails. 2X is burned at 2X, 1X at 1X.

I updated my post above after burning some Riteks (perfect so far!!!) and a couple more Ledas (both failed finalization, sigh). I will continue to update that post as long as this thread is active.

Would like to hear detailed results from other E100 owners as well.
reades's Avatar reades 08:54 PM 01-11-2004
Well, I need to go smoke a cigarette. I just lost my virginity on the E100 by doing a high-speed (4x) dub using a Maxell DVD-R. Everything finalized perfectly. I'll let you know how the rest of the dubs go.
Thanks for all the info so far. It has really helped.
luck's Avatar luck 06:19 AM 01-12-2004
Just ordered a sample kit of 11 different brands:
BeAll, Ritek, Maxell, Memorex, TDK, Verbatim, Sansung, Sony, Panasonic, Accu, Fuji.

I'll post results as soon as I receive and burn them.

rondi's Avatar rondi 02:43 PM 01-12-2004
i burned 4 more Ritek G04's yesterday and all burned + Finalization fine.

I think this has been discussed before---but some batches of DVD's are made by different companies. maybe that's why some brands work fine for a spindle and then the next spindle is bad.

I have an E100, and i don't know how to adjust the recording (burn) speed. i think it does it automatically--depending what speed of DVD you have.

I also think today--maybe not tomorrow--X4 is state of the art. Maybe when X6 or X8 DVD's come out, the reliability of burning them at X4 will improve. I think every poster here at one time or another has mentioned he has made coasters.
John Alan's Avatar John Alan 08:00 PM 01-12-2004
luck, good luck. Unfortunately, only burning one disc of any brand doesn't tell the story.

I would say you have to attempt at least 5 to 10 burns of a brand before coming to any accurate conclusions. I've had about 85% success with Sony 4X but, if I only had one and it didn't burn right you might be inclined to cross them off the list!

On the other hand, with my E100, I've had rotten luck with Leda 4X. But, if I'd had a good burn from one, I might think they work fine. So, be careful with your conclusions. Try to get a few more of each burned before deciding what works well for you and what doesn't.

Having said that, please let us know your experiences with these discs!
luck's Avatar luck 05:47 AM 01-13-2004
luck, good luck. Unfortunately, only burning one disc of any brand doesn't tell the story.
Bingo!!! I bought 5 of each!!!!!:D
I think 5 burns of each would be a good start, right?

I'll post the results...

John Alan's Avatar John Alan 07:34 PM 01-13-2004
5 will give you a good idea of what you're dealing with.
I look forward to your report!
reades's Avatar reades 07:30 AM 01-14-2004
FYI - I've been burning to Panasonic 2X DVD-R's and Maxell 4X DVD-R's virtually non-stop for days without one glitch (knocks 3 times on his head) :-)

Anyone know of a place to get the Maxell 4X's for a good price?
stevorino's Avatar stevorino 03:52 PM 01-14-2004
Does anyone think that there is anything wrong with using cheapo 1x media. I'm using compUSA disks. 20 bucks for 25 dvd-r's. Maybe a total of 2 coasters after about 30 burns. I more concerned if there is any difference in the quality of the recording between media brands rather than potential for coaster making.

How about the life of cheapo 1x media? Anyone dare to comment :)
John Alan's Avatar John Alan 06:57 PM 01-14-2004
1X is fine. But, I won't live to be 300 years old and once you've burned 4X for a while, 1X is torture, 2X is merely painful.

I'm looking forward to 64X!
stevorino's Avatar stevorino 07:49 PM 01-14-2004
I probably shouldn't worry about the life span, huh? Chances are I'll be on the next forum to discuss how to transfer my DVD-r's to the next peice of technology that comes along and renders our dvd recorders obsolete :p
John Alan's Avatar John Alan 09:36 PM 01-14-2004
Not to worry. Technology is racing forward...faster than a speeding budget!
John Alan's Avatar John Alan 10:19 PM 01-21-2004
I have updated my success post above and brought this back to the top of the threads list hoping to hear from "luck" and some others as to their success with the E100. I've burned several BeAlls and Riteks now all without a single failure!

I had rotten luck with Ledas, but I sent a few to a friend and they have worked flawlessly on his machine...???

The quest continues. What are your experiences with 4X media on the E100?
reades's Avatar reades 06:47 AM 01-22-2004
John, Thanks for the update.

I've had 100% success with Maxell 4X's (several 5-packs in jewel cases), and Panasonic 2X's.
luck's Avatar luck 09:12 AM 01-22-2004
thanks for sharing your "experiences" with us.

I'm still finishing my HT room and its 12.375.982 cables and wires.:D

Let you know as soon as I start to burn the medias.

RAVEN56706's Avatar RAVEN56706 09:36 AM 01-22-2004
got a question? does hig speed 4x only can handle 1 hour ot material?
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