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Rammitinski's Avatar Rammitinski 01:36 AM 11-29-2007
If you're talking about the newest model Polaroid, it seems to have a lot of faults and is generally not recommended around here. So you're probably not gonna get much support on that one. I don't believe you can swap out the hard drive in that one, anyway.

Last year's Polaroid is good and is well-recommended, but it only has a mono tuner.

As far as off-loading DVR content, you can do that with any recorder like you describe. You may or may not run into some copy-protection issues. You can add an aftermarket "filter" if you have that issue, but they're like another $100. Just don't buy a Sony recorder, as they seem to not be able to allow you to record hardly anything. They're "over-sensitive".

The Philips is the best of the current three domestic models being sold. Besides the Polaroid, the Magnavox is the other, but it only has an 80GB hard drive. Depending on any of the three models to use their QAM tuners for digital cable channels is an iffy prospect. They have been known to "drop" channels (disappear), and at least the Maggie (I know for sure) often doesn't even pick up all of the ones it should (it seems to be a bit buggy in other ways, too). Doesn't seem to be any problems at all with the Philips' or Maggie's NTSC or ATSC tuners, though.

The Philips is available at You might also still find it at a Walmart or Fry's store if you're lucky. But CC has it the cheapest. The Magnavox is also available at some Walmart stores and through their website.

Hope that helps.
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zzdocxx's Avatar zzdocxx 09:24 PM 11-29-2007
You guys are great, that's why I like this forum so much.

Thanks for the informative post.

Is the advantage to the ones with the HDD that they can stand in for a regular DVR box from the cable company, and also burn the DVD as well? I am guessing that is the reason for the tuner? And in that case it would need a digital tuner since the US is going to all digital?

So if you got a stand a-alone DVD Recorder, then I am reasoning that you wouldn't absolutely need it to have tuner or HDD if you were using the cable company DVR as your source? (Not that both features wouldn't be useful.)
shplad's Avatar shplad 09:50 AM 12-07-2007

You may want to see my post here, about getting a DVDR which uses Gemstar/TVGOS to work with a digital cable box. This assumes the DCB has some analog equivalent channels.

See here:


Originally Posted by Burnerbum View Post

I finally got through to Toshiba about the XS54. They said that the guide won't download when using ADC (All digital Cable) box and the way to get around it is to add a splitter and have the cable box go into input 1 and have the split coax go into the coax input and set the recorder up as having a cable box and antenna. He said the box doesn't know that its cable and not over the air and will download it that way. So, i ordered the 54 and will hope for the best. I'll have to check the firmware when it arrives. I'm surprised you couldn't download it through the Network Navi, that's one of the functions it's supposed to do. Or at least download it from their website.

jestem's Avatar jestem 11:17 AM 01-06-2008
Has anybody tried, or thought to try, upgrading the DVD burner drive with and Blu-ray burner? Would this work fine though the IDE interface? Come to think of it, are there even IDE Blu-ray burners or are they all just coming out as SATA?
s1301950's Avatar s1301950 01:39 PM 03-11-2008
Anyone tried trasnfer recorded shows to pc? i don't wanta burn them to dvd first... anyone figures out what filesystem they are using? i can't mount them in vista/xp...
FBI Agent's Avatar FBI Agent 03:54 AM 07-23-2008
Originally Posted by s1301950 View Post

Anyone tried trasnfer recorded shows to pc? i don't wanta burn them to dvd first... anyone figures out what filesystem they are using? i can't mount them in vista/xp...

I bought a new larger hard drive and also looking for a way to transfer the data from the stock hd to the new one.

I tried connecting it to Windows XP, but it won't recognize it.
Pharaoh's Avatar Pharaoh 12:14 AM 10-16-2008
Originally Posted by khcv63 View Post

Good to hear that I shouldn't have to worry about the sony AW-Q170A-B2 burner. Just a little info, that burner is based on a Sony/Nec(optiarc 7170A) burner. I would like to know how your other Nec works out. The other burner I plan on getting Samsung SH-S182D is used in the Sony DRU-830A, another good burner. As I said earlier, I"ll test it out with the poloroid and see how it does. How fast is the 170 at burning/finalizing disc? Any problems with +R/RW disc as reported on CDFreaks? What brand disc do you use? I suspect + disc work good with this machine. Thanks


Hello, I am wondering if you were successful changing the DVD burner for the Polaroid DRM2100G. If so, which optical drive did you end up using? I'd appreciate any help on this issue because I have been searching for hours but in vain! Thanks
ClarkeBar's Avatar ClarkeBar 08:27 AM 10-16-2008
Calling all Polaroid users!!!

Hey guys...are all Polaroid DRM 2001Gs the same or did they modify the machine thoughout its production run? The only one I have ever seen with the Component Inputs is the dark faced one. I seem to see both a shiny silver faced model and what I take to be the original one with the dark face. Is this apparent difference just photographic stuff? Do all Polaroid 2001Gs have the Component ins?

FBI Agent's Avatar FBI Agent 08:05 PM 10-16-2008
Originally Posted by ClarkeBar View Post

Calling all Polaroid users!!!

Hey guys...are all Polaroid DRM 2001Gs the same or did they modify the machine thoughout its production run? The only one I have ever seen with the Component Inputs is the dark faced one. I seem to see both a shiny silver faced model and what I take to be the original one with the dark face. Is this apparent difference just photographic stuff? Do all Polaroid 2001Gs have the Component ins?


I have the shiny one and it has COMPONENT inputs
ClarkeBar's Avatar ClarkeBar 05:26 AM 10-17-2008
Thanks Agent

Have you compared the PQ differences if any between the Components and the S-Vid? Currently I use a Tosh XS32 and am limited to S-Vid only (although it looks very nice when the Black level is adjusted properly).
day2z's Avatar day2z 10:08 AM 12-22-2008
With regard to the "evolution" of this unit over time - relative to different serial number runs - you may want to refer to this thread:

As a general rule, however, I understand that all of the 2001G's came with component inputs. My two (both "B" series) units did. I've externalized HD's and DVD drives for both, and have been very pleased with the results.
tiltmonster's Avatar tiltmonster 10:42 PM 02-23-2013
Can someone verify that the Sony DW-Q30A internal burner; will prepare discs and record proper. I tried a Lites on drive I had; and it would not recognize, or prepare a disc. I even tried using the original drive to prepare the disc; but still did not seem to be able to record with the "Lites on" drive.....
I found a couple of these Sony DW-Q30A drives, and verified that they do work. With the exception of a slower time preparing the disc; and -DVD issues; it does burn very fast(2 hours in ten minutes, very nice). The original drive would record -DVD fine using Phillips DVD's, and others I had tried, like Memorex. The Sony drive seems not to record Phillips -DVD's.... but did take a Verbatim -DVD. Not a big deal; but nice to have some options..... as +DVD seem to be a bit less available at times. I am 2/3 of the way there, will re-post a question on multi-drives. I hope I am not posting redundant questions already answered; I am reading the long thread on this topic, and working very hard to get things working at the same time. My apology, if there is something near the end of this thread I have missed.

I have since determined that Phillips -DVD do seem to work; not sure if it was 2 bad discs, or if I got in a hurry with menus or something like that.
tiltmonster's Avatar tiltmonster 01:31 PM 03-09-2013
Another mention that might be helpful. I did attempt to put the Sony DW-Q30A drive into the existing DVR case. It will fit, and line up; however it is a bit complicated by the hole line up. I don't think you can fasten a plate on the bottom of the drive, without botching the the tray line up with the opening. With a very thin plate, perhaps? If you push the Sony drive right up against the front; there is a screw from the bottom of the DVR case; which gives a pretty good front line-up. I replaced that screw with a longer one because it is short. This screw keeps it from going forward. Then I drove two sheet metal screws, through the bottom front holes the old drive was mounted to, at a slight angle, up into the inside of the DVR case. These keep the front centered left to right. Then I made up two short pieces of plumbers strap, carefully selecting the holes, to allow fastening to the back sides of the drive(using the factory drive mount screws, 2 on each side). It takes a very close 90 bend of the strap, and a shortened extension, to get a screw through the bottom of the case. After putting the customized straps on the side of the drive, took a q-tip colored the tip; and with drive centered exact....I marked the holes to drill in the bottom. The drive sits up on the original mounts, so I used one hex nut to close some of the space to the bottom of the DVR case, where a single screw will hold it. So you will have an "L" shaped strap with two screws holding it to the drive side, and the bottom of the "L" cut close and bent close, with a screw through a loose hex nut, then into the bottom, and nuts on the bottom to tighten down. Make sure to clear the circuit boards on the sides with the "L" shaped straps you make... it is close. Tighten the screws while holding nuts, on each side. Now you can tweak as you tighten everything down, to line up the door.
Before you put the drive into the spot, and fasten it down; you will need to unsnap the front door extension from the old Burner; then snap and silicone it to the front of the Sony drive. This extension I am speaking of, is the plastic front edge of the door that you might grasp to pull on the tray. Once you remove the black extension or lip, from the Sony drive, and snap the original silver extended one on the Sony drive; then you can mount the drive in place. The front screw, that is part of the case; should line it all up pretty darn close to flush, with the outside fascia. From here, you can notch the bottom edge of the Sony drive where the front case screw is, to get it more perfect. You can add shims pretty easy, at the top corners of the drive between the top of the drive, and the bracket above. I used one of those tools that come with a nut cracker, that you dig nuts out of the shell with.... to pry up a little, then a thin washer, coin, etc. You can also loosen the front side screws from the bottom a bit. Takes a little tweaking, but pretty close.
I was also able to get some half inch white rubber feet from Home Depot; and using the screws that came with it; I got just enough threads to bite into the two front plastic pads it sits on. Without going through the metal bottom, or into the circuit boards inside. I had to put two thick table protector discs between the feet and the base of the DVR. This gives some space under the unit; as it is almost sitting right on the surface that you set the DVR. You need the thick hard felt disks, like the ones that you peel off and stick on the bottom of a vase, or such....only the harder thicker ones that come in a multi-pack sheet.. The back feet, do not have enough space, unless you want to start pulling the big board. It sits up a bit, but gets some air under there. This is more important with a burner in there. Also, I found a fan at radio shack for the DVR, if you don't mind paying 17 dollars. Fits nice.
Then you can cut off the old plug, and wire a molex plug on the existing drive power cable. Wire for wire, using small wire nuts, or butt crimp connectors.

Hope this offers some help; to anyone contemplating leaving the drive inside. Its a bit rigged; but once the cover is on, and verified working, and lined up; no one will know.
jimboden's Avatar jimboden 01:48 PM 07-27-2013
I am looking for a replacement DVD drive for my Polaroid DRM-2001G. The one I have has stopped working in burning. I tried another one but it skipped segments of video on the burned DVD. I have read that SONY is a good drive. But am having a hard time locating the models that you have recommended. I am looking to modify my unit based on the ideas from here.

Thank you for all the hard work that has been place in finding all the parts needed to make it work.

tiltmonster's Avatar tiltmonster 06:48 PM 07-27-2013
2001 technology, hard to find new anything. Try E-bay, you will find what you are looking for there. Find a refurb, or refurb yourself, or just go used. Be sure to try several discs, and several media before determining it is the drive; and give it a minute or two to boot up, and between functions, slow down. I found mine to be a bit tempermental out of the gate on start up. I thought I had a bad or incompatible drive after 2 dud burns; but it has worked every since. By giving it a couple minutes on start up. My internal mount is still working, after six months and lots of use but a lot of adjustment to get it right. Might just velcro an external mount next time, depending on my mood. A 2 foot round cable and velcro on top should work. Hope this helps.
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