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I've been doing the Soft Resets and still have the same problem. Should I do a Hard Reset?
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Originally Posted by gastrof View Post
One of my Monoprice HDMI to composite/s-video converters is starting to go belly up... I think.

Very slight horizontal lines thru the screen. (Not there on a direct HDMI feed.) The one in my living room is still working fine, but not the bedroom machine's converter.

Could this be another power supply issue? I don't want to change the power supply for a new one only to have the same thing happen. Was wondering if anyone's seen their Monoprice converter develop this symptom.
Swapping the wall warts between BR & LR ought to tell you if it's a PS problem, if they're both 5V 1.0A, which is typical for these.

I don't remember if any of my converters ever had symptoms like you see, but I have had multiple wall warts go belly up. I successfully fixed at least two, at least one of which did come from Monoprice. Those wall warts are made with junk brand caps that can be expected not to last in continuous use. I also bought a replacement wall wart from Mouser in December 2014 that still works. Caps for repair came from Mouser and/or Digi-Key. I used 470uF 16V 5mm or 470uF 16V 3.5mm from Mouser in at least two of those I fixed.

How I got them apart I don't remember any more. I may have found some instructions on I used rubber bands to super glue them back together after testing to see the repairs worked, but tie wraps should work well enough too.

Genuine HD via ATSC and BUD satellite DVB.
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OK..... I've been watching this dead power problem that thisischris is having and since this particular discussion began, I have been thinking the same thing, and that thing is Wajo's "SOFT RESET" isn't being done properly.

Now one would think that such a simple procedure would be easy to follow. Especially when that simple procedure has been clearly written and provided by the absolute number one no one else not even close expert on Magnavox DVD recorders, and if you don't know who I'm referring to, that person is Wajo, because without him, none of the magnitude of information provided here would exist.

But I digress. The "SOFT RESET" procedure only has two items that are of any significance, but if not done to the letter, will cause the procedure to fail, and as I said, whenever I read anything that thisischris says in reference to it, I can't help but think he is performing it incorrectly. So towards this end, I am going to provide for you here the same words I have given to others who have experienced the same, what appears to be a "dead unit", condition after an abrupt power loss.
- - - - - - - - - -
Step 1 - The unit needs to be, or have been, unplugged for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours (150 minutes) so all residual power completely drains from the power supply. And in this case, more is better so if its longer than 2 1/2 hours, no problem at all.

Step 2 - Place the unit near enough to a receptacle so you can see the front panel display while you plug it in. DON'T PLUG IN YET!

Step 3 - While watching the "Front Panel Display", with one hand, press and HOLD DOWN the "Power Button" as you then simultaneously plug in the power cord with the other hand. If this works, in a few short seconds, you will see "P-On" appear in the display.

Step 4 - Let me repeat. With one hand pressing and holding the power button down, as you watch the front panel display, the other hand then plugs in the power cord, and if successful, in a few short seconds, you will see "P-On" appear in the display.

Step 5 - Let go of the power button and use the 513 as you always have.
- - - - - - - - - -
I may be wrong, and if I am just add it to the list, but I think thisischris may not be simultaneously holding the "Power Button" down as he plugs in the unit, therefore rendering this simple procedure worthless.

As I said, I may be wrong, but I can no longer in good conscience keep silent on the off chance that I'm correct. At $75.00 to $100.00 a clip bench charge, I know personally of at least a few thousand dollars still being in the pockets of people who have benefited from the information I've passed on to them because the God known as Wajo provided it here, and that few thousand doesn't take into account the price of the units which are still in service not having had to be replaced.

In closing, I'm going to be sarcastic, which you may have already guessed comes as easy to me as does the blinking of my eyes. It's an inborn reflex.

The only reason anyone visits this Magnavox Information Cathedral is because they require a solution to an existing problem. I can assure you, if that problem has ever existed prior to your visit, there is a valid solution here which has been provided by that God I keep referring to, Wajo, and if your problem is unique, I can also assure you, he will do everything in his power to acquire a remedy.

However, in either case, when Wajo provides an answer to your question, I'm assuming you're asking it because you need an answer. I suggest some of you re-channel that energy you use to prove him wrong, into following what he says to the letter, otherwise, why did you ask it in the first place?

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