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I'm thinking about doing a side project and seeing how far I can mod it up. Of course, once it is no longer my main AVR. You guys are right though, easiest way would be lay a usb fan ontop.


3D, which requires a hdmi 1.4a board, would not work on this receiver. However if you do get any equipment that has 1.4a, it will work, just not to its full potential..

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Fixed my ONKYO HTS-6100\HTR667:

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I just fixed my Onkyo HT-R667's 5 minute HDMI warmup problem using the method in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj0x5S9ez5U

Bought 5 100uF 35v capacitors from Radioshack, took out the HDMI board and soldered myself and it now works instantly. Less than $18 for parts including soldering iron, and less than 1 hour of work.
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Has anyone hacked the internal IR sensor on this receiver to hookup an external 3.5mm jack?
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Is anybody else's HT-S6100 still going?

I had mine since '08 but did get it repaired once about 6 months ago for bad capacitors (even though I was out of warranty). I'm hoping I can get another year or so out of it. cool.gif
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I have the HT-S7100 practically the same as HT-S6100 with the TR-606 receiver. Yep still going strong since i bought it as a "refurbed item" back in 2008!! I only added a fan on top of the unit to fix the overheating problem and is in an open home theater stand. I have not upgraded anything on it, still the same speakers that came with the HTIB . Still enjoying the awesome room filling sound in my home.
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I know its been more than a 1.5 years since someone posted on this forum. I am hoping someone will see this post. This is a great HTIB. I've had the S6100 since 2007 (as a refurbished deal) and only had to replace the capacitors on the HDMI board once. Besides that, this HTIB works great and the sound is still incredible and powerful.

My question is this: I have new 2014 Samsung 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray. Because this receiver can only produce 1080i video at its best, I have always passed-through 720p and 1080p. So with 3D, would it still work if I only "pass-through" the 3D video signal? Would it not be the same as hooking up the Blu-ray HDMI output directly to the TV if I just passed-through the video signal?

I still want to utilize the best sound by using HDMI hook-up to my receiver from my blu-ray.

Just wondering. I don't have a 3D Blu-ray disc yet. Waiting for Xmas for something.


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