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12-13-2008 | Posts: 44
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I have a Pioneer PDP-5010FD HDTV and a Bose 321 GSX series lll. I want to take back the Bose, not enough for the money and get something a little better. I am looking for something around $2,000.00. I would like to keep it a Pioneer to match the TV. I also would like speakers mounted in the walls. I like the discrete look. I also would like very good sound at low volumn. I have a HDTV cable box and PS3. I guess I need a reciever, in wall speakers with a centre channel and a sub. Any suggestions??
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12-13-2008 | Posts: 2,175
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with that budget you need to get something a little nicer than HTIB...
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12-15-2008 | Posts: 44
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Any suggestions??? I was thinking of a Pioneer amp, but don't know which one. I was thinking of the Bose 191 in the wall speakers. I like the looks of them. I have no idea on a sub.
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If you like inwall speakers, look at Triad. But also check with the speaker forum here. Lots of inwall info there.

Pioneer is OKAY for receivers, but you can also look at Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha, and Harmon Kardon. Even Sony has its fans. But with a receiver, just get the cheapest one with the features you want. No need to blow money on a receiver that has tons of bells and whistles that you won't use, and the sound quality only rises incrementally at each pricepoint, if at all.

Subs, depends on how you allocate your budget, but there are lots of nice choices from SVS, HSU, Elemental Designs, Epik, Outlaw. They're internet direct dealers that give you way more bang for the buck than the "name brands" from speaker companies, although there are nice subs there, too.
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