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Hi, I'm a first time poster and I'm having a difficult time choosing between two Home Theater systems in a box. I'm trying to decide between the LG LHB 336 and the Samsung HT-D5500. It seems like the main difference between the two are that the Samsung has wifi built into the bluray player and the LG has an extra 100 watts and HDMI input. Any suggestions would be great, especially if you have first hand experience with either system, like which one sounds better. Also the price are both the same, onsale at $199. Thanks for your help!

Here are the specs for each:
LG LHB 336:
Blu-ray SupportYes
Full HD 1080p resolutionYes
Upscale Standard DVDsYes
No. of HDMI Ports2 (1 In / 1 Out)
Disc Capacity1Disc Playback CapabilityBlu-ray Disc, BD-R/RE, DVD-Video, DVD±R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, Audio CD, CD-R/RWVideo Content FormatsMPEG4 AVC, HP@L4.1, MPEG2, HP@ML, SMPTE VC1, AP@L3, AVCHDHome Link Playable Content FormatDivX®/DivX HD, MPEG2 TS/PS, MPEG1 SS, XVID, MKV, AVI, WMA, MP3, AC3, AAC, JPEG
Surround Sound5.1 Channel
Total Output Power1100W (4Ω, Peak)Video, Pictures and Music via USB 2.0Yes
SimpLink connectivityYes

Samsung HT-D5500
Number of Channels 5.1
Total Power (W)
1000W Total Power Total amount of power a home theater system emits through an external speakers, as measured in watts (w).

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) Technology that allows one remote to control all digital devices in a home theater/entertainment system.

Audio Processing
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Audio format with theater-quality 5.1 channel sound playable through speakers surrounding a viewer.

Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital Plus Audio format providing theater-quality surround sound for Blu-Ray, HD, and streamed or downloaded media.

Dolby Pro Logic II
Dolby Pro Logic II Audio format that provides 5.1 channel full-range surround sound from a stereo signal.

Dolby True HD
Dolby True HD Surround sound format with 7.1 channels of 100% lossless audio (identical to the studio master).

DTS Audio format from Digital Theater Systems (DTS) that provides 5.1 channel surround sound.

DTS 96/24
DTS 96/24 Audio format with 5.1 channels of 24-bit/96kHz (higher quality) surround sound audio for DVDs.

DTS-HD Audio format with 7.1 channels of 24-bit/96kHZ surround sound optimal for Blu-Ray Disc and HD DVD.

DC1 Center Speaker Number, size, and type of a speaker designed to be positioned front and center, near the screen.

DS3 Front Speaker Number, size, and type of speakers designed to be put in the front (L & R), ear-level, at 10 and 2 o'clock.

Normal Subwoofer Number, size, and type of bass speaker designed to be positioned in the middle of the front wall.

Advanced Vertical Surround Number, size, and type of speakers designed to envelop viewers from the sides, two feet above the ears.

Type (Tallboy/Satellite)
Satellite Speakers Number, size, and type of speaker towers designed to fill the room with sound, often from the rear.

Audio Inputs
1 Audio Input Terminals on a home theater system that accept sound from other components.

HDMI Out Jacks that output High Definition Multimedia Interface (industry standard for HD) to other components.

iPod Dock Cradle Included
Includes iPod Dock Cradle iPod and iPhone holder that connects to a home theater for enjoying media direct from the device.

iPod Dock Cradle
Made for iPod
Made for iPod Ability to play stored music and media directly from an iPod.

USB Universal Serial Bus. An interface that allows music, video, or photos to play directly from host devices.

Built-in WiFi Abilityfor a home theater system to have wireless capabilities if an external module is purchased.

Works with iPhone
iPhone Compatible Ability to play stored music and media directly from an iPhone.

Supported Media
Blu-Ray Optical disc storage medium designed to play or store high-definition video, games, and other data.

CD / CD-R / CD-RW Yes
DIVX (including XVID)
DIVX Popular video codec libraries built to stream MPEG-4 standard definition and HD formats.

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Samsung is better..

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Thanks gossipexpress for your input. Just curious why you feel the Samsung unit is better than the LG one? Does the samsung have better sound quality?

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I just purchased the Samsung HT-D5500 and have to say I'm confused by the fact that it purports to be a "home theater" and has no hdmi inputs. The LG does at least have one.

I made the mistake of reading a UK review on this item which indicated that it had two hdmi inputs while the US version actually has NONE. Not the same machine.

So I guess I can get 2 channel audio from my cable source via audio return channel sound with the Samsung's hdmi output or using a digital optical cable from TV to HT. No 5.1 sound though.

Unfortunately, I got the speakers hooked up before I noticed the lack of hdmi input, but I'm still thinking the lack of flexibility in connecting a laptop or game console will lead me to pack this thing back up and return it. Even though, for a 3d blu ray wifi unit at $200 it seemed like a decent deal. I am thinking Onkyo 3400 or 5400 and a cheapie 3d blu ray player instead. After all, the TV has wifi too.

If someone knows more about this or has a reason why you'd keep this thing, let me know....

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I have that unit. Why not simply use a digital optical audio cable from your HD cable box to the Samsung for 5.1 surround and mute the TV audio when watching HDTV programs?
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