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I got the Samsung HT-D6730W about a week and a half ago for my Samsung UN55D8000, and I'm a little mixed on it right now, but overall positive. I really like the sound, but the interface has some quirks that I'm not sure I just need to figure out better, or configure properly or just learn to live with.

I didn't do a whole lot of research, I was looking for quick and easy and just compared a few HTIAB from big box stores. I wanted at least 5.1 and BluRay and had the Samsung 3D TV so I figured it would be a good fit. I liked the tall skinny front speakers, they fit my mid-sized room/setup nicely, without needing to purchase additional front stands. My previous component receiver/HT was more music driven and the larger speakers wouldn't have fit nearly as well. My initial budget was trying to be $500 and I only just went a little over.

Setup was easy, everything is color coded and plug and play.
I didn't install the wireless rear speakers at first and then they didn't sync up, but powering everything down and back up had them synced easily. Some reviewers complained that the rear speakers weren't "really" wireless; there is powered rear base unit that receives audio from the main receiver wirelessly and the speakers are connected to the rear base by speaker wire, but seriously, what did they expect? I prefer this setup than a power cable going to each speaker (or battery powered?!) and having to sync them individually.

The sub isn't powered which worried me a bit at first, but it's even behind my entertainment center and still sounds fine. Loud when called for, subtle when needed.
The rear speaker audio quality over wireless isn't an issue for me, they don't sound any different than I'd expect wired speakers to sound. Actually, sometimes I'll hear crickets on a woodsy scene and glance behind me.

So, the sound is a huge improvement coming from just built-in tv speakers (duh) for the past few years. I'm not really much of an audiophile, but do notice pretty easily and quickly when something is "off", like sound is out of sync, hiss, etc. Haven't had any problems like that yet. I mostly watch TV & movies/On Demand through Comcast/Xfinity and play Xbox 360, plenty of 5.1 sources. Haven't tried a BluRay yet, or anything that I'm sure was 7.1.

Both my TV and the HT-D6730W support "AllShare" so I can stream movies/pictures/audio from my laptop. It works pretty well and effortlessly on both. I've streamed 1080p GoPro video's and the quality is smooth and artifact free with the receiver and laptop both connected to an 802.11N wifi router.

Now the "bads":

The receiver only has two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. Currently I have the Xfinity DVR and Xbox 360 plugged into the receiver (and that's all I need, at least for now), and output to the TV. If you have more devices, you'll need an HDMI switcher, or have to manually move the HDMI back and forth.

The very first time I set it up, the audio was dropping for 2-3 seconds, every 30ish seconds. I rerouted some wires, swapped some HDMI cables and powered everything off and on again and it hasn't returned, but it was really annoying when it happened. Not entirely sure what caused it or what fixed it.

When I power off the TV, both the TV and receiver power down together, kinda nice actually, but I have to power them both up separately?! (Edit: ok, if I power up using the HT-D6730W remote, both the receiver and TV turn on, but not from the TV remote.)

Haven't figured out the Xfinity remote control code for the remote to power on the receiver from the DVR remote. (powers off with the Samsung TV though, see above)

Actual volume level is now tiny numbers on the receiver display instead of on the TV. When I change the volume I get an "Anynet" bar scrolling "up" or "down" but no actual number or fixed volume reference point displayed on the TV. I kinda miss knowing the volume was at level "13" or whatever. (Edit: *sometimes* I get the "Anynet" info box, other times, no on-screen volume, just the receiver dot matrix LCD. There *is* a nice on screen volume bar when in other inputs, such as AllShare, SmartHub or menu, just not HDMI inputs. Huh...)

When I skip backward or forward with the DVR remote, there is an extra second or so of silence until the audio syncs up again, kicks in again, whatever it is doing. Not bad but I need to retrain my brain to allow for that extra second so I can get the audio and video starting at the right spot on the DVR.

The "indifferent":
My 55D8000 has Smart Hub w/netflix, apps, etc so it feels superfluous also in the receiver, but useful if you don't have it elsewhere.

This 7.1 surround system actually only has 5 speakers plus sub. The front tower speakers have two channels in each. The top speaker element swivels up and down to "aim" it. I haven't done a calibration yet, but it comes with a little mic so it can self calibrate sound levels I think.

I wish the Source button would skip the unused inputs. Gotta scroll through a few ipod and aux selections that I don't need right now.

Conclusion: I like the sound and looks and size of everything pretty well. It works well with the TV and my room setup. For $530, it still feels a little overpriced, and that's pretty good discount on the retail price of $800. But then again I don't really have anything to compare it with.
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This is what we need in this thread. More informative reviews to help potential consumers make their decisions!

On the sidenote I started off from a samsung htib and that thing still has a place in my heart lol. Bedrookm system its also my alarm clock now
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No subwoofer I've heard has been able to produce the bass I've experienced in the Corps!

Must..stop...buying...every bluray release...
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Anyone know what this new firmware update actually does?

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This thread is a year and-a-half old. I'd contact Samsung with your question.
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I did and they were extremely vague. I figured starting here made more sense then starting an entirely new thread.

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