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Hello everyone, longtime lurker first time poster. I have received so much valuable information from this site and most of the time I can find the relevant info by searching but now I have some questions I can't find the answer to. I recently upgraded an aging Bose Lifestyle system (10+ yrs old and yes I fell for the marketing hype back when I didn't know any better) to a Energy micro RC sytem which I ablsolutely love. I upgraded to a "real" receiver an Onkyo TX SR608, which is lower end but an upgrade for me and the current setup sounds great. My questions is I think my room is big enough to support 7.1 setup (its 15x30 basement with room for two more speakers in the rear but I'm not sure which speakers to choose. Could I just get two more satelite Energy speakers and stick them behind in the appropriate spots or how do you choose what type of speakers to add?
Thanks in advance for any info
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I would get the same exact speakers for rear surrounds that you are using for your side surrounds. That will keep the sound the same and consistant as it pans from speaker to speaker.
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