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Laso's Avatar Laso 12:49 AM 08-14-2012
Hi, this is my first post . I just ordered Denon avr 1612 from crutchfield. And like to get advise which set of 5.1 set would better bank for the buck?
Keep in mind that my living room 24'x19'. 10' ceiling. Open kitchen behind my sectional sofas, I dont mind to have standing speakers in front which i have a lot of room for . Now i have two set in mind. (budget $ 350)
Jamo s 426

Can anyone have these speakers please advise.....

Pikeyp's Avatar Pikeyp 12:58 PM 08-27-2012
I have just bought the same Denon , in my case I have bought a Harman Kardon HKTS 7 set which was a good price ... £230 here in the UK to go with it! I know it's not this years model but that's OK with me!

I have a much smaller room than you so anything bigger would be awkward , that said the H/K subwoofer is HUGE!!

Seems to be working really well , and it's only my nephew living downstairs. biggrin.gif
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