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Nick_si's Avatar Nick_si 10:01 AM 09-13-2012
I was walking through Best Buy yesterday killing time and a vacuum tube caught my eye. It seems that Samsung has a few items that utilize vacuum tubes. There seems to be no info on how they are utilized... are the for pre amplification or amplification? Has anyone heard them in a situation other than in Best Buy?

ccotenj's Avatar ccotenj 02:32 PM 09-13-2012
Nick_si's Avatar Nick_si 04:33 PM 09-13-2012
that was one which I have to say sounded pretty good... but there was also a HTiB with a blu ray in it as well. I'm not shopping for one I just thought it was interesting that they would mass market a product that is so recognizable with vintage/high end audio. Seems like either a great gimmick or a great trend in home audio... who doesn't like a tube???
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