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dougstoner's Avatar dougstoner 02:16 PM 10-05-2012
I recently purchased a 55" sony xbr led, and absolutely love it. I got it for around 2700 a while back, when they were on special at best buy. I currently have a sony all in one surround sound kit (around 350 bucks) and it's mediocre, but I want to drop some money and replace it. I also have my computer hooked up, and my ps3 for blurays and gaming. My brother in law gave me a killer sub, so all I really need is a nice receiver, 5.1 speakers, and that's it. ...well, of course speaker wire, speaker stands, etc. I have around 600 bucks to drop on a receiver, center channel, right and left front, and right and left rear. I bought a really expensive onkyo receiver several years back, and it was thinking maybe pioneer or yamaha? I really don't know much about brands anymore. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Forgot to mention, it's a small living room setup, maybe 15' x 10' with a ceiling height (sort of slightly vaulted) of around 12' high.

Thanks in advance.

neverfinished94's Avatar neverfinished94 05:24 PM 10-06-2012
It looks like you will only need a 5.0 system since you already have the sub.

Here are a couple options...

If you dont mind cherry finish you can look at this Polk setup,

Polk CS1 (center) $50

Polk Monitor 50 (need 2 for L & R) $180

Polk Monitor 30s (rears) $100

Here's another set up

Pioneer SPC21 (center) $100

Pioneer SPFS51 (L & R) $200

Pioneer SPBS21 $100 (rears) $100

As far as receivers, I would look at the Denon 1612. They start around $170 new if you can find them at frys or $190 refurbished.
neverfinished94's Avatar neverfinished94 05:44 PM 10-06-2012
The Pioneers are currently on sale on newegg and you can get them entire 5.0 system for $220. I dont think you will find anything that will match their performance for the price.
dougstoner's Avatar dougstoner 09:03 AM 10-07-2012
Thanks for the reply. I'm not wild about the cherry finish. I prefer black to match everything. Do you have a link for the Pioneer speaker special? Couldn't find it. I really dig the speakers though. As far as head units go, I need something with 3d pass through. Are there any new features I should look for? I like the idea of having the on screen menu through the tv. I've heard good things about denon.

Edit, never mind, I seeded the promo discount now.
dougstoner's Avatar dougstoner 07:20 AM 10-08-2012
After doing a lot of research on those pioneer speakers, I decided to buy them with that huge discount. All the reviews were pretty much the same, incredible value for what you get. Now, it's time to pick a receiver. I need 3d pass though, and would like some cool features like bluetooth, and must have at least 4 hdmi inputs. I think I'll up my budget to around 4-500 for this. Any suggestions?
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