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DozerSoldier's Avatar DozerSoldier 05:44 PM 11-02-2012
Just got my Harman Kardon BDS 770 hooked up.
The EzSet EQ keeps failing. Everything is hooked up correctly.
I have pushed the "Disc" button like the manual shows.
Sound comes out of all speakers during test.
Microphone is on a tripod in area where I sit.

So, I was going to do it manually, using my SPL meter, but there is no option for running
test tones, and none come on when I go into manual mode.

Why would they design it that way? Why would you not include a tone to be heard
while manually setting up?
My cheap LG surround sound has that.

Feel like throwing this thing in a grinder.

So, now I have to scour for a 5.1 test tone audio cd that plays the sound from each
Thought about using THX optimizer , but guess what,...
You have to go to the Home menu, which disables the video.
So it has to be an Audio Test Tone CD, because cd disc works while in the audio menu.


TLF's Avatar TLF 01:05 PM 11-03-2012
Dozer, when you run your automatic testing, is your room quiet other than the test tones running, basically, no other noises going on such as furnace running or other things that might affect it? Also make sure the test tones are coming out of the proper speakers as it does its thing. If all is good, it could be that you have a defective microphone possibly. Something doesn't sound right obviously. Mine seems to work fairly well in the auto mode, but even with that, I still prefer to adjust based on my own ears.

If you bought this new with warranty-or regardless of that, give Harman's tech line a call, they might take a bit to get back with you, but generally they should possibly give you some options/help.

I really like my BDS system, and while I utilize Martin Logan Motion speakers instead of Harman's speakers, it does the job very nicely and is a simple one-box solution that gave me the flexibility on the speaker end, versus say a Bose setup. Not bashing Bose, but for quite a bit less money, I ended up with a setup that sounds better and is as simple as the Bose, and more flexible to boot. Also, I think this little receiver sounds pretty darned good as well for music or video. Don't give up on it yet! Tim
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