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Ok, newbie here and looking for any advice you guys might have for me at a newbie level.

We're renovating our house and took our contractor up on the offer to run speaker wire to a few rooms. I went ahead and purchased the speakers so we could get them installed, BUT I did so without knowing what would drive them. Here's my set up:

1. Media Closet
2. Family/TV Room (4 ceiling speakers - no surround sound planned, just want option to run music and TV through speakers). 1 volume control for Family room and Kitchen speakers
3. Kitchen (2 speakers)
4. Dining Room (2 speakers, 1 volume control)
5. Living Room (2 speakers, 1 volume control)
6. Den (2 speakers, 1 volume control)

Here's what i have:
--I have 12 speakers in total and 4 volume controls.
-- Monoprice 8243 Speaker Volume Controller RMS 100W
--Monoprice 4103 6-1/2 Inches Kevlar 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair) - 60W Nominal, 120W Max.
-- 1 old NAD receiver circa 1992 (probably not very useful with this set up now??)
--1 old CD player same vintage (useable?)
--1 Sony DVD player circa 2001
--1 NAD CASSETTE player (ok, had to throw that in for grins) Circa 1985, just to fill the shelf space.
--1 NAD turntable circa 1982. Still throw vinyl on it every now and then.
--1 Sony LCD TV 42"

Here's what i want to do:
1. Run music and TV through the speakers and be able to select each room separately.
2. Use Apple TV to run music, in addition to old school CD player
3. Keep all components in media closet. (duh, i guess?)
4. Use universal remote is great; if i can control some functions from an iphone app, that would be cool.
5. Spend not much money -- as i'm deep into the renovation. I want decent sound but i'm really just looking for a reasonably priced functional system.

So, now i need to know what i need to purchase. We're moving back into the house in about a week, so i'd like to get things set up and hoping to be able to do it myself. I have no idea what kind of receiver i will need, whether i'll need an amp or all in one, what kind of remote, etc. I hope i'm not being too basic.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations and advice!
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