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gglacctone's Avatar gglacctone 02:16 AM 03-22-2013

I am planning to buy samsung ht-f5500w/za. I would like to have a look at few reviews before i finalize my decision. To my surprise, I could not find any reviews (user reviews or official reviews) in net. Please let me know your experience with this system if you own one or guide me where I can find the reviews on it.

Also, could not figure out whats the main difference between ht-e5500w and this model. Any information on the comparison?


xjyamaha's Avatar xjyamaha 08:22 PM 03-22-2013
Unfortunately it seems to have just been released within the past couple weeks. Amazon just now started carrying it and over the past week it has begun popping up at other online retailers. I'm in the same boat. I'd like to pick up the same unit but like to have some reviews read before hand, although considering i'm pretty dead set on this unit it probably wouldn't make a difference unless it's getting 1 out of 5 star reviews everywhere it's sold.
Broham Jones's Avatar Broham Jones 06:45 AM 03-24-2013
The difference is the lower priced model (HT-E5500W ) is actually rated as a better product in comparison on the actual SAMSUNG website. Also the HT-F5500W only has one HDMI port the HT-E5500W has 2. I went with the HT-E5500W. I hope this helps in your decision.
xjyamaha's Avatar xjyamaha 11:44 AM 03-24-2013
The e5500 is the 2012 model, and has been our a year. The f5500 is the 2013 model and was just released within the past couple weeks. That'd be why there are review for the E but very few for the F model.
gglacctone's Avatar gglacctone 08:39 PM 03-24-2013
Thank you all for the information.

It seems, unlike E version, F version does not have iPod dock. That's kind of important for me. So, most probably would go with the E version.
xjyamaha's Avatar xjyamaha 11:26 PM 03-24-2013
They didn't seem to include a dedicated dock, but included a usb port on the front to connect an bluetooth streaming.
Simmster's Avatar Simmster 05:34 PM 05-05-2013
My in-laws really like my Blu-ray player, the Samsung BD-F5900. They need a whole new sytem, so I am recommending the HT F5500 to them. Very similar player, and good audio for them. Should hook up nicely with the UN50ES6150. If they do in fact get it, I'll let you know what I think after I set it up, and kick the tires.
chris1neji's Avatar chris1neji 01:19 AM 06-21-2013
I just purchase this system, (like today, too bad I can't test it out got to go to bed) I was wondering about what others though of it.
Otto Pylot's Avatar Otto Pylot 09:40 AM 06-21-2013
Built-in blu-ray player usually means the sub is a passive sub-woofer (derives its power from the blu-ray player). The resulting output will just not have the depth and "punch" than an active sub-woofer will have.

Proprietary speaker wire connections means that it will be difficult to upgrade the speakers should you want to. 5-way binding posts gives you the best flexibility.

Wireless side speakers do work well but can be subject to interference at times. And they are only wireless is the sense that there is no wire running back to the receiver. You still have to plug them into an outlet and then wire the two speakers together (usually).

Just things to consider.
xjyamaha's Avatar xjyamaha 05:07 PM 06-25-2013
I enjoy mine, but it seems like voices can be a bit overwhelmed by the background noise/music. Great features though.
coolgreek's Avatar coolgreek 04:46 AM 06-26-2013
I do own that system for a couple of weeks... Actually i have the UK version of it. US version is different to the EU version, it has wireless rear speakers & wifi (EU does not have either) but no hdmi ARC channel (which the EU model does support).
Sound is very good, Music is good enough (not excellent) and the blu ray player is snappy an responds quickly...

SO, i liked:
-Easy connection & set-up (even though i use the wired version as explained)
-Fast blu-ray player
-Very Good sound on movies, good for listening music
-Does have a front led screen that displays info (play time, fm station, which input is being used)
-HDMI input & bluetooth!
-good media player (from the one usb placed in front of the unit)

I didn't like:
-Smart hub is quite slow for a dual core processor
-small Led screen in front makes using without a TV (Fm radio for example) quite hard
-Music is good enough but is nowhere near top (Woofer is good but differentiates too much from the rest of the system, speakers are good enough for their size). Let me repeat: GOOD, not bad, just not "too good" or "top" like i read from some users reviews...
- No info (on the front led screen) of what source audio you hear (DTS?, DD?, stereo?) from the inputs (i use an optical input and would like to see what type of Audio the unit receives).
- No 2d to 3d conversion (i actually don't care a bit about that feature but mention it anyway).
xjyamaha's Avatar xjyamaha 04:48 PM 09-27-2013
Anyone know what the deal is with using bluetooth to play my iphone, but the wireless rear speakers not working? They work for everything else, but when playing music through bluetooth only the front speakers and sub woofer play.
mountainmohawk's Avatar mountainmohawk 09:21 PM 11-11-2013
If I get a new reciever, can the speakers be used with that? Would the connectors just need removed so it was bare wire?
justSomeGuyAgai's Avatar justSomeGuyAgai 12:34 PM 12-07-2013

I'm awating arrival of this unit.  On display at BJ Wholesale, the gloss black plastic looks much cheaper than official online pictures.  

The no-rear speaker sound could be because input source is only Stereo (2.1) not SurroundSound (5.1).  There should be a mode setting to simulate surround sound from a stereo source.

pacemaker's Avatar pacemaker 07:05 AM 12-17-2013
Can you set up this with NO rears and get a pseudo surround effect?
As an alternative o a soundbar?
xjyamaha's Avatar xjyamaha 09:29 AM 03-01-2014
I did figure out I just needed to hit the 3d sound button on the remote to get rear audio while using Bluetooth!
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