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CrimsonSword's Avatar CrimsonSword 12:58 PM 05-13-2013
Hi all,

I'm thinking of getting the BDV-N790W, but have some questions on the inputs.

From the manual, I can see that there are the following inputs:

“BD/DVD” — “USB1” — “USB2” — “FM” — “HDMI1” — "HDMI2” — “TV” — “AUDIO”

The manual hints that you can skip:

Keeping HDMI1, This would leave the list as:
“BD/DVD” — “USB1” — “USB2” — “FM” — “HDMI1”

That's still quite a few to cycle through, can someone confirm if that is the case?

I think I could rely on HDMI CEC/Bravia sync to make the BDP-N790 switch to TV and BD/DVD (I'm assuming if for example if I set the TV to digital or another input, the BDP-S790 will just switch to TV, and likewise to BD/DVD when playing a Blu-ray on the BDP-S790).

It's getting to HDMI 1 that I'm concerned about as have read even with a Harmony remote the changing inputs can take a while. I'm looking to put a Mac mini on HDMI1 and know there's no CEC function with that.

I wouldn't have anything connected to USB1, USB2 or FM, do these get skipped automatically?

BIslander's Avatar BIslander 09:48 PM 05-13-2013
Many receivers allow you to disable unused inputs. Not sure what you heard about Harmony remotes. But, I've had Harmonys for a long time and they've always worked just fine switching inputs. We have a complicated setup with an HDMI switch and inputs on multiple devices to change for each activity and the Harmony has never had a problem. A universal remote generally works better than HDMI CEC.
CrimsonSword's Avatar CrimsonSword 01:03 AM 05-14-2013
I've been using my harmony remote for 3 years or so now. The issue is that on the harmony forums, I read a user who has this system said that he has to hold the remote at the unit for longer than most tasks due to the switching.

What I'm looking to find out, is can the list be reduced more than what the manual hints at? I only have one HDMI device that I need to connect directly to the BDP-S790W.

Currently I'm thinking of either getting this, or seeing what the BDV-N7100W is like, if that doesn't seem worth it, I'll get the N790W which will likely drop in price.

The problem I have now is that I've got a HTIS100' which isn't 3D compatable so I have a complex set of commands turning off HDMI control on the HTIS100 when watching a blu ray player, and then turning it back on and switching the the TV to using the HTIS100 speakers (as turning off HDMI control makes the TV use its own speakers).

So I'm looking to upgrade to avoid the problem above (I have to use COAX on the HTIS100 as well) and to get bigger speakers.
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