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Morhf's Avatar Morhf 02:31 AM 05-30-2013
Hello smile.gif ..

what is better for me ?
I Have Benq 1080st " FullHD-3d" and PS3
my room is 4*5 meter or 13*16 foot ..

I can have :
"" the prices is include shipping for my country ( about 150$ to 300$ ) ""
Onkyo s5500 for 727$
Yamaha YHT-397 for 683$
Speakers: Polk Audio system for $473

Receiver: Yamaha 5.1 for 400$

I don't carry about the music very much the impotent thing is the sound in movies and games ..
which better for me ? or are there other will be better ?

Otto Pylot's Avatar Otto Pylot 09:40 AM 05-30-2013
Better is a relative term. It's what will sound best to YOU. I have the Yamaha RX-V371 receiver and have been very happy with it. I think the only difference between the 371 and the 373 is the auto-cal on the 373 and a front iPod connector (?). Onkyo makes good systems but there have been some reports of issues (but any mfr can have issues from time to time). I think the Polk speakers matched with the Yamaha RX-V373 would probably give you a better all around sound stage than the speakers that come with the Onkyo or Yamaha HTiB (or any HTiB for that matter).
Morhf's Avatar Morhf 09:55 AM 05-30-2013
what about JAMO s608 are it is better then Polk ?
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 10:23 AM 05-30-2013
If you're comparing the Jamo S608 towers to little Polk RM705 satellites I would much rather have the Jamo. Not even a tough decision.
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