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Robinst's Avatar Robinst 09:29 AM 08-22-2013
Hi this is robin i bought new sony blu ray home theater system bdv E290 2 months before they came for installation also but still iam not satisfied i want to set the exact volume level for all the speakers . i dont have auto speaker calibration setup .In manual calibration the volume level +- 6db for all the speakers.i dont know how to use spl meter.kindly send me the exact speaker level volume for each speaker in db.

ya i installed smart tools spl meter andriod application for my galaxy note but values displayed in that app is from 0 to 120 db [/B]how can i convert it for 6db.
Then i analyzed all the speaker it shows 30 db So what is my speaker level . And tell me the exact level for my woofer out of 6db please

MY Sitting position towards front left,right center,Woofer is about 3.5 m and rear speakers is about 1.6m


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