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Finishing basement- having dilema with HTIAB

I am currently in the process of finishing my basement. I have a contractor doing the basement for me. So everything they complete has to pass an inspection, especially the electrical wiring.

Next week the contractor is going to pre-wire for my surround sound amongst other things for me. He said he needs my surround sound wire no later than this Monday so that he can complete it.

The issue I am having is, I was speaking to one of the guys who works for my contractor, and he said to make sure all of the wiring that I supply them like my HDMI's and surround sound wire is UL certified or else the inspector could make us rip out any non-UL wiring and do it again with proper UL wire.

I can easily get some UL surround wire, but the problem I am running into is I was planning on purchasing a cost friendly home theater in a box system with a 3D bluray player all in one unit. Based on a few things I have read, it seems that MOST if not all of these home theater in a box systems that fit this description all have pre-wired speakers. Meaning that the speakers all have thin wires already fixed in them and you can't pull them out and replace it with the higher grade wiring that will meet the certification.

My question is, are there any systems like this that are cost friendly that will me allow me to use my own speaker wire? Or do all of the HTIAB's out there now use the fixed pre-wired speakers with the crappy thin wiring? I ask this because my older HTIAB system that I purchased in the late 1990s that I still have upstairs now, allowed me to use my own store bought high end wiring for the speakers, so I was surprised to find this out about the newer systems.

Also, is there a way to simply buy one of the HTIAB systems with the fixed wiring on the speakers and work around it?

Please help. Thanks

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My recommendation would be to not get an "integrated" HTiB. In other words, one with a built-in blu-ray player. HTiBs like that usually have passive sub-woofers (they derive their power from the blu-ray player/receiver) which results in a less than ideal bass response. Active sub-woofers have their own amplifier so the bass response is much better. That being said, Yamaha, Onkyo, and Denon all make very decent entry level HTiBs without the blu-ray player. That also means that they probably don't have proprietary speaker connectors so you are not limited to the type of wire you can use. Additionally, the receivers can have 5-way binding posts so that virtually any style of connector can be used, bare wire, banana plug, etc. You didn't specify a price point but any of the mfrs I mentioned have decent systems in the $300-$500 range, and of course, higher.

If you are running your speaker wires alongside your HDMI cables, I would also strongly suggest you run them in a conduit if these are to be installed in-wall. Using a conduit (1" at least) will make it very easy to replace/repair any wiring problems that may come up in the future. This is especially true for HDMI.
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