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06-30-2014 | Posts: 4
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I have been registered for a couple years and I don't know If I have ever posted before. If this is my first post... Hi. I have a problem.

I have a Sony BDV-E2100 Home Theater/3D BluRay system.

I have a digital coaxial cable box, which is connected via coaxial to our E550i-B2 Vizio 55" Smart TV. Our Vizio TV has the following HDMI input devies - a Wii U, a Sony PS3, and the HDMI input from the BDV-E2100. The Vizio TV outputs to the BDV-E2100 with the digital optical out and the standard red/white AV cables.

When watching cable tv with the audio going to the BDV-E2100, we can max out the volume on this supposedly 1000w system and is barely as loud as the TV's built in speakers would be, possibly less so. It is clearly not working properly in this situation.

When using the bluray player on the BDV-E2100, the sound gets quite loud indeed.

When playing videos or music from a USB hard drive attached to the BDV-E2100, again the sound is appropriately loud

When playing our PS3 - which is going through the TV and then out into the BDV-E2100 - again the sound is plenty loud.

I'd try to Wii U but my wife is watching a TV show right now so I don't know how that will perform.

I don't know if Sony is trying to punish me for using a Vizio TV, or if it has something to do with the fact that the TV signal is delivered to the TV through coax instead of a more modern means like HDMI (We don't pay for HD channels, so no HDMI on the box issued by our municipality) and I need to find a new way to get the cable TV signal to my TV. The Cable box is a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100.

I've tweaked and altered any applicable settings on the home theater and TV 2-3 times over, including some troubleshooting stuff from Sony to no avail, So I assuming this is either "working as intended because you didn't buy a Sony TV" or a hardware issue stemming from the Cable TV signal arriving to the TV from the coax cable... but this is my first go 'round with home theaters and I dunno much.

Can anyone positively identify the problem? I have seen other complaints about this exact model of home theater having weak output when playing TV station audio.
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06-30-2014 | Posts: 4
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Full volume from Wii U.

Changed connection between Cable box and TV from coaxial to component (r/w/y). No change in volume level.

Changing the TV volume with the TV controller had no effect, so I returned to TV speakers-> Off.

Manually used the cable boxes volume buttons, increased to max volume. Now the TV, when playing a cable TV station, produces audio through the Sony E2100 that is roughly 90% the volume of the HDMI conne3cted devices and the BR player / USB device audio.

I feel like this is still inadequate. DO I need to get an HDMI box?
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07-04-2014 | Posts: 23,339
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changing from coaxial to component has nothing to do with the sound. component is video only, not audio.

Get a cable box with HDMI connection and connect to to your TV. What's the point of having a nice HDTV if you're watching standard definition TV on it? :-(
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