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WereWolf84's Avatar WereWolf84 09:00 AM 05-05-2011
Hi, I'm totally new to projector, I have bought an Epson 8350 recently and a cheap manual pull down projector screen in high contrast fiber glass material, I'm planning to paint the screen with paint mix (I think I'll go with silver colour, I read many good reviews of it here) to improve the image quality (more bright, punchy, blacker, sharper...etc especially during day time with decent ambient light), does the paint mix applicable to such screen surface? can you guys please provides some advises, recommendations & guidances? below is my situation:

screen size: 119" (placed at the center of 15' 10" of living room)
throw distance: 11' 3"
viewing distance: 8' 6"
projector location: living room (15' 10" x 14' 4") with strong ambient light from the right side walls' windows
projector placement: middle left of rear wall on a shelf in which it is 7' 8" to the left of the center of the screen

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