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goingjag's Avatar goingjag 05:39 PM 12-11-2011
Since we don't have a Menards in our area, I decided to order the Rustoleum Metallic Accents White Pearl online at Amazon.

When you go to check out it recommends what others have purchased with it -
Liquitex Silver and Gold of course!

It even recommends a squirrel cage paint mixer.

And to wrap it all up theres an Epson Power Lite 8350 for under $1100.

Not sure why the Disney World Of Wonder is also recommended - maybe it's a good screen tester.

Just thought MM and pbmaxx might find that amusing.

MississippiMan's Avatar MississippiMan 03:34 AM 12-12-2011
I'd say the combo is becoming quite popular.
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