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DIY Granddad (w/help)
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This DIY Screen Forum (...and myself...) have been taking hits from "off Forum".....for it seems we (and I) are both too popular with the DIY Screen Crowd, and guilty of monopolizing the available enthusiasts, and steering them down paths they should not go. rolleyes.gif Much, if not indeed all of this has been placed on my shoulders, and the continuing onslaught...while negligible to those who only frequent this site...still attempts to degrade the efforts and reputation of this DIY Forum and AVS as a whole.

As for there being any truth to those accusations, well....the numbers cannot lie. If more than even a "very" small percentage of those who try the DIY apps advocated on this Forum had a poor experience, we'd see a LOT more disgruntlement in the posts. AVS is a great source of help and inspiration, and for certain there exists a bit of jealousy out there elsewhere, respite with accusatory and inflammatory rhetoric.

But, we can be proud that such talk and tactics have no place on AVS's DIY Screens. We have always...and will always rely on the honest commentary of those who have attempted to make a DIY Screen to state their successes...or failures in a honest, open, and courteous manner. Seldom has it ever been the case where a problem someone is / has been having could not be resolved if the DIY'er wants to resolve it.

Just the same, on the Web, there will always be places where those who want to flock together where complaining and recrimination against others is welcome . And yes...it pains me to know I'm often at the center of such comments, primarily because of my willingness to "be there" for whomever posts up a request for help and advice. I can't let that curtail my efforts though...as that would not be fair, or in the interests of those who come looking for help and advice and want a response asap.

As for all of us here who contribute on this Forum, it can be safely stated that DIY'ers will always find the help they need here on AVS...no matter how much effort that entails and to what extent, and the patience and interest that goes along with such must require.

.........I would like at this conjecture to strongly encourage more DIY Screen End Users with DIY experience they have gained from the help they have received to come back and contribute thoughts and advice to aspiring DIY'ers. Personally, I can usually handle the load myself (...Wife's ire notwithstanding...) but this is a "public"...not a private Forum, and the interaction by those who have experience, both Good, Bad, or Indifferent, are both welcome and encouraged.

With one reservation. Play nice...and post constructively and with the same courtesy you would like to receive yourselves. Let's show those who think otherwise that this is not a "One Man Show" dedicated to just a select few DIY options, but a place where someone can find the DIY solution that is best suited" for their given circumstances.

Thank in advance for sharing. smile.gif

"They said it couldn't be done. Well, we sure showed 'em otherwise!"
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I'll throw in a support response biggrin.gif When I started to construct my home theater I knew I would be pressed on budget. Projectors are expensive and the added cost of a commercial screen pretty much had me looking to make middle of the road decisions on both fronts. Then I discovered this forum. I realized that with some DIY, which I'm always ready to do, I could buy a better projector and produce a screen that would take advantage of it. The support from MM and the others who have "done it" makes the decision to proceed down this road a lot easier.
As to quality of screen......I don't have a clue if my viewing experience would be better with a manufactured product and I don't care. eek.gif The viewing experience I have with the DIY formula I appied is very good at the very least and perhaps excellent based on comments received from friends and neighbors. That's good enough for me. The punch per $ spent was excellent. cool.gif
Why this forum and MM take flack is sort of a mystery to me. Unless ten thousand DIYers post support here, I just don't see the numbers to justify the arrows spent. The dent in the manufactured screens can't be all that significant. The off the shelf paint formulas probably take a hit, but there are many folks who just don't want to take the time to do the leg work that many of the formulas require so they'll survive. I guess any threat is just that, a threat. Lowes and HD wouldn't exist if they didn't cater to DIY and yet most of their business revolves around contractors. Maybe the screen manufacturers and premixed formula folks need to pay attention. tongue.gif
Thanks for hanging in there MM. I know your time is valuable and you could probably be bringing in $$$ in the time you spend here.

You can view my experience at : http://www.avsforum.com/t/1259060/time-to-start-paintin

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Geetings everyone, I just want to thank everybody who has posted to this forum.

I purchased my first projector about 2.5 years ago. It's an Optoma HD200x. I had no prior experience with projectors, but was determined to learn. With all the reading I had done, I decided to paint a screen on my basement wall.

Without any first hand experience, I decided to follow Tiddler's "Beginner's Guide to Simple DIY Painted Screens". I wanted a simple rollable formula. I went with the Medium Grey N8.5 mix with some polycrylic added, it has a silver grey tone. I painted a 120" diag screen, the outcome was great, looks good in the dark and it's very watchable with a few lights dimmed down.

Thus far I'm very happy with the results. Everyone who has seen the screen just can't believe that it's a diy painted screen. I've since done a lot more reading here and when the time comes, I'll try another formula, maybe the Silver Fire or RS-Maxmudd.

I could not have completed my first screen without this forum.
Once again, thanks to everyone and keep up the good work with all the posts. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to post and respond to all the questions.
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All I have to say about this is that MM and pb_maxxx have both been very helpful to me even though I haven't even purchased my PJ yet (friday can't come soon enough), so why anyone would say anything negative directed at either of you is beyond me. I WILL be posting my DIY screen once I make a final size decision for everyone to see. I may even ask a question or two. I don't know yet.

All in all, thanks for being awesome.
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