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SuperChupe's Avatar SuperChupe 10:19 AM 08-20-2012
What spandex fabrics should I be considering for an AT screen given the following:
  • Approx 120" diagonal 16:9 screen
  • Medium to Complete Light Control
  • White wall behind the screen, white ceiling
  • Optoma HD20 projector hanging from ceiling approx 14' from screen

I've been searching threads in this forum for a while and am planning on Moleskine Matte Silver for the front layer. The question I have is regarding adding a layer behind the screen for bleed through control. Should I go with a layer of White or Black, and should it be Matte or does that not matter?

Thanks to this forum, I'm looking forward to a much more affordable AT screen than I had first thought possible. smile.gif

MississippiMan's Avatar MississippiMan 10:31 AM 08-20-2012
Layer of White
Matte is best...but a slight sheen isn't going to hurt anything.

Maximum performance "AND" affordability (ie: mucho Bang for the Buck...) is the DIY mantra.

Spread the word!
memphisanid's Avatar memphisanid 10:33 AM 08-20-2012
Hey Super, if you check out my member photos I have a bunch of pictures showing the difference between Silver, White, White over Silver, and Silver over White spandex. I would recommend the White to back it, I had the Matte White behind it.

If you look at the White only and the Silver Only shots, it only had 1" to the wall that was painted Mouse Ears black, Flat so you can see kind of the performance you would get with using a Black piece of spandex.

I have gone away from the AT screen since I ended up not putting my speakers behind the screen and also going with a smaller screen using Sintra.
ccotenj's Avatar ccotenj 06:06 PM 08-20-2012

timely post, as i've been investigating the possibility of building one of these, and the front of my room is all mouse ears....

thanks... smile.gif
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