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FFE's Avatar FFE 11:21 AM 11-05-2012
It’s been a while since I posted, granted I lurk a lot smile.gif. Anyway my last post was on building a screen for my Nec 1035+MT. And I did succeed in making a sub 75 dollar screen that I was happy with. Especially since the projector cost me 16 bucks and a 80 dollar lamp. Well after this weekend I should have enough saved up for a new projector. I’m looking at an Epson 8350. Currently the room is 35ft by 13 ft. The room has 2 small windows on either side (35 ft apart) near the ceiling that is easily covered. Otherwise the lighting is easily controlled.

I’m looking at a 12 ft throw, and a screen around 110”-120”(flexable). I’m not able to use the wall for mounting or for a screen really. It’s cheap paneling that I painted over, but after some looking around I determined that its glued to foam board insulation that is glued to the cinderblock. So my current screen is hung from the floor boards above. It works well enough from me so plan on doing the same.

Just wondering what is recommended for a screen. Looking for a price range around 175-300 (flexible) as in this case willing to pay for results wink.gif. However this is a basement where a 2yr child will plays so rather not need to replace or fix the screen constantly.

MississippiMan's Avatar MississippiMan 06:29 AM 11-06-2012
I'll be back later today with a few suggestions, but you should not rule out hanging a lightweight screen assembly off the wall.
FFE's Avatar FFE 08:31 AM 11-06-2012
I'll keep an open mind on mounting. Just rather not have to go out and buy a drill that could get throught the concrete. On that note, I have contimplated building a false wall but that might be a bit more expensive then what I'm looking to do. I can post pictures of the current setup if that would help with Ideas. I was looking at sintra painted with SF v2.5 2.0/3.0 However I will note Im rather intreaged by the most recent spandex post "In the absence of Moleskin Matte Silver".

Thanks again smile.gif.
FFE's Avatar FFE 09:41 AM 11-06-2012
So I was do some thinking, a possibilty would be to rotate the room, still have the 12 foot throw. but Can move the cieling mount to the other side and mount the screen onto a framed wall.
MississippiMan's Avatar MississippiMan 10:53 PM 11-06-2012
Mounting either a Spandex Screen or Sintra (6mm) Screen involves little effort as far as hanging. Both are lightweight, (Spandex the lightest)

Sintra however can be made to be almost anything you need for a given situation. Spandex can only do a limited range of applications comparably speaking.

Spandex is GREAT for a low / no light situation with a brighter PJ. However the World is your Oyster with Sintra as a substrate ready to accept whatever is prayed / splashed upon it.
FFE's Avatar FFE 12:04 PM 11-07-2012
Are there other options to Sintra? I figured I will need a 60X120 sheet to achieve my size goal. And so far the searches online I have to order multiple sheets.
FFE's Avatar FFE 07:14 PM 11-17-2012
Well I thought I would post an update.

A. Haven't ordered the projector yet. Waiting to see if black friday/cyber Monday gives a good deal biggrin.gif

B. I think I have settled on a spandex screen. with a 12 ft throw using a epson 8350, and a room I can contorol 90% of the light in I think a spandex screen can be a good way of reaching my size goal and keeping a good image quality. I really wanted a painted surface, but don't think I could create it with out either using dry wall (which I have no experience with), or over spending on some sintra.

I'll create a build thread when the time comes. But plan on using a poplar 1x4 for a frame. I still need to plan on what fabrics I will be using exactly.
gomike's Avatar gomike 07:58 PM 11-17-2012
frys is having the epson 8350 for 799 on black friday
MississippiMan's Avatar MississippiMan 09:03 AM 11-18-2012
Well that is certainly a "grabbit why you can" deal.

Is that a "in store only" deal, or is it offered online as well?
FFE's Avatar FFE 11:10 AM 11-18-2012
I know they did that deal last year. But have yet to see a add scan from this year. But I am hoping for that price range.
gomike's Avatar gomike 06:39 PM 11-18-2012
It was reported on slickdeals

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mjovic's Avatar mjovic 08:52 PM 11-18-2012
Slickdeals has still not posted this year's deals from Fry's. I think someone posted it on their forums but they were mistaken. They linked to last year's ad. Do you have a link to this year's deal to confirm? I'm looking to pick one up as well.
gomike's Avatar gomike 08:36 PM 11-19-2012
No just from what that guy said hopefully he is right

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MississippiMan's Avatar MississippiMan 05:12 AM 11-20-2012
I hope it is true....for the sake of many (...as well as my own since I already told some about it... redface.gif )

You gotta vet info like that a little better lest you start a riot or sumpthin'.
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