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Hi Guys, in light of my recent purchase a 2nd PLV-Z200 for a dual projector rig, I finally decided to take the plunge and paint my wall with a DIY formula (after years' of using just the off-white wall).

Last time when I exhaustively reading about the DIY paint formulas was years ago...hence I'd really appreciate it if you guys can help to educate me a bit as to what's on the scene now. Here is a quick brief of what I have and what I am thinking:
  • Projector: 2 x Sanyo PLV Z2000
  • Screen size: 150"
  • Screen distance to projector: 14'-8"
  • DIY paint requirements: white base (not grey, not silver), preferably high gain, roll on application (will consider spray on if the advantage is significant)
It'll be for a dark room with no lights on while viewing. However, I'll be using the Omega DD3D filter/glasses systems for 3D contents (does not require silver screen) which would have ~80% light loss (on par with most active 3D projector system) hence a relatively high-gain paint will help...
I consider myself quite handy and don't mind going the spray route but does need to justify getting all the equipments and clearing wife/kids out of home for 2~3 days if that's what it

If you could pls help to inform me with your recommended choices, I deeply appreciate it!
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DIY Granddad (w/help)
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A stock White Paint will not provide enough gain for 3D viewing at the size screen & PJ combo you have.

Don't try to take too simple a route here. It's a temptation to follow advice that seems to make sense "cost & effort" wise. But your self stated goals simply do not allow you that luxury.
You might be advised of this, and warned about that, coming from varied sources...but it is a fact that this Forum has had far greater success at achieving "above the bar" performance on really "BIG" screens (180" - 225" diagonal) using specific Paint applications on a variety of materials than anywhere else...using anything else.

Be serious about achieving your goals (...and then some...) and you'll get there...guaranteed. Waste some time following ill-advised suggestions and you'll quickly become more than a little disgruntled.

From what I already know and have read (here & elsewhere) your going to have to erase your own reluctance over trying a higher gain paint formula, and ignore any derisive or derogatory comments you have seen...elsewhere. On this Forum we strive to help people and provide solutions. Some are very simple and inexpensive. Others are answers to more difficult questions, so they require more effort, and expense.

Guess what? You fall under the latter category. Would that it be different for you...but it's not.

You'll need a primarily White based that does (Gawd help ya!) contain considerable reflectivity via the use of Mica. The base will be 2 parts Flat White Enamel (FLAT !!! NOT SATIN !!!) and 4 parts White Pearl, and 1 part "Satin" Clear MinWax Polyacrylic . To that Mix, fully 3 parts Distilled Water is added....very well mixed

This is a Spray-Only Top Coat application, laid down in successive light coats over a very smooth surface.

This Formula can easily receive a basic Gray Tint by adding any prescribed amount of Liquitex Basics Neutral Gray. Just a little dab or a nice dollop. Either way...the amount of metallic in the mix, effectively muted by the White Enamel, but also augmented by the Polyurethane/water creating a deep, semi-translucent surface is what will provide you both the gain you need and whatever degree of slight to maximum contrast enhancement your facing. And with the Z2000, you should employ a tinted N-shading of around 8.5 minimum.

So lets examine a few other items.
First off, your throw distance is not gonna work. 15' is the absolute minimum...and you don't want to be at the extreme end of you should add about 10" to that measurement.

Secondly, at that throw and Screen size, on a 1.0 gain surface, the Z2000 PJ will at maximum provide 8 foot lambert ...and even with a Dual PJ set-up, in 3D mode (w/Filters) you'd wind up with just (hopefully) 3 foot lambert. You don't want to even consider such.

But up the Screen's gain to 1.5. Now you have 12 foot lambert x 2, for a estimated 3D foot lambert level of 9-10 foot lambert.

Then...there is S-I-L-V-E-R, whose degree of reflectivity can be adjusted from 1.4 up to / beyond 2.2 gain. That application has proven itself on 200"+ screen being hit with just 700 lumen (RS-1) from throws exceeding 25'. It's performance was so impressive on one 215"er, many who saw it in person speculated it might be well over 3.8 gain ( was not...) and it even possessed enough "PoP" to present a decent, watchable image in low, controlled ambient light. But darn it! Your gonna have to spray that application as well.

That was over 4 1/2 years ago, a time might well guess...some folks were still trying to discount the need and / or effectiveness of using Mica in a DIY Paint mix. rolleyes.gif

Now remember to consider that the images below are a 215" diagonal screen w/700 lumens...spray Painted with S-I-L-V-E-R onto a smoothed and sanded White primed Drywall surface.

When you see shots like the ones above, and read other postings about how such things are not possible, you have to use your own common sense as to where the correct information is really coming from.

So it's time to choose. Go for a speculative "Hope & Promise" solution (ie: hopeless) that is absolutely leave you wanting...(btw, any stock white that is over 1.2 gain got there because of "sheen"...)

...or get down to choosing something that will accomplish exactly what you want. No time for, nor need for "Tit fr Tat". I certainly am not afraid of any adverse results if you stick to and follow some pretty basic instructions.'s not really gonna cost much...perhaps $130.00 including Paint and Sprayer.....even better, your NOT gonna have to evacuate the House, and even if you want to...perhaps for 1 very long day under ideal circumstances.

You were /are a early AVS member who is at least hopefully aware of DIY Screen History and it's accomplishments, and can discern what facts might actually have merit, and what is simply someone pouring you out a drought of sour grapes.

Come back, stay...get something memorable accomplished, and drink the nectar of success.

OK...that's a little "over the top"...but in DIY Screen making, that's always a good way "to roll".

I mean "spray". wink.gif

"They said it couldn't be done. Well, we sure showed 'em otherwise!"
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Hey MississippiMan, thanks very much for the insights! am indeed guilty of messing around with various DIY paints (even the silver paint from RustOleum) back in my PLV-Z1 days... and it is because of what I saw here, I've never able to convince myself buying ScreenGoo.

Double checked throw distance last night of my current Z2000 it's actually 15' from lens to face of wall. And this is pretty much what I stuck with as the depth of the living room. Screen is at 145" and I did not realise this is quite close to the 2X zoom limit on Z2000 which means it further dims the image by having the large size.

Again because its the living room, white is preferred over grey/silver since the "theatre" needs to disappear during daily activities. It's a big part of why I've shy away from doing 3D with dual projectors + polarizing filters, Omega DD3D filters fix that. But Omega DD3D also eats 80% of the light like most of the 3D methods do - this is where all the issues coming from.

I think I can manage the spraying part if I get over my own laziness, and with the attitude that if I am gonna do it at all might as well do it right. So its doable. The room is not so big hence a high gain mix would not sacrifice too much when it comes to off-axis viewing.

There isn't many options for me, basically I can:
1, reduce screen size;
2, have a high gain screen;
3, have more powerful projectors.

in which 1,3 are unlikely (once used to 145" can only go bigger not smaller...wink.gif, and can't afford/don't wanna deal w/ the hassle of getting another pair of projectors), so seems painting the screen right would be most cost effective and my best bet - unless l go crazy with retrofitting the Z2000 with some sorta super LED lamp replacements, in which case, a properly painted screen would still help.

I am getting a light meter - I am gonna take my time and enjoy doing it right this time.biggrin.gif And forgive my ignorance - would Silver Fire V2 considered one of the S-I-L-V-E-R mixes?
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