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View Poll Results: Given the constraints of the devil woman and wall space, diy a screen or get a tv.
Keep the projector and diy 60" range screen. 2 66.67%
Sell the nearly new projector. 1 33.33%
Voters: 3. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03-31-2013, 08:32 AM - Thread Starter
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Bit of a situational question.

Fluffy needless backstory: { I had been loving having projector for a main tv for the last 5 or so years. Initially had picked up a sony vplaw-15 with an included VPS-80DS screen. At that time i lived in the lower half of a duplex and rented out the top so I had fantastic light control. Eventually an 8x4 sheet of white board was sanded and painted with behr silver screen and a vinyl wrapped wood frame border. In that location it was a great setup.

Last spring I picked up a run down forclosure for next to nothing, the catch being have to live in it as a part of the sale. A dedicated theater room was planned for and set up from the start. Last fall the sony vplaw-15 was replaced with a viewsonic pro8200. Compared to the old sony it was a light cannon. Unfortunately as it turns out we never use the movie room, its been months since it saw real use, tech equipment sitting unused is a waste to me so the solution seems to be adapting the living room for the already owned gear. }

Basically my living room is limited by the wall space for the chosen setup and the large amount of ambient light during the day. The setup is hamstrug further by a gf that demands shades remain mostly open during the day and likes to have a lamp or two on at night. Neither of us work a consistent 9-5, she has several night shifts a week that result in dvr watching in am hours, my schedule is more of a when it rains it pours situation, but don't really place a high value on daytime tv/movie watching.

At this point, I want to actually use what I already own, but realistically a basic 60" (no use for 3d or smart tvs) plasma deal may end up being the better overall solution due to the constraints (primarily those imposed by gf). Looks like deals can be had for that sort of tv in the $800 range.

Another motivation is that she wants a bedroom tv, which to me says move the 42" 720 plasma from the living room to the bedroom. The garage and office have adequate screens and the pool table room does not need a projector.

I've done a bit of reading on silver fire which looks to be the route if the projector is stuck with.

Screen options:

diy behr sliver screen

willing to diy anything suitable, up to the hundredish $ range, past that i could resell the attempt to resell the projector (<90 hours still) and pick up a 60" tv for not much more $.

I do own a good compressor and hvlp gun, also have pretty much any supply related to property maintenance here.


viewsonic pro8200

Ambient light: High, sunlight during day, lamps at night.

Throw and seating distance: Roughly 11" ft

Desired screen size: 60-65"

Here is the room. Furniture setup is perfect at the moment. Half tv/couch area with a corner for my chair. There is no alteration that will allow for cat tree/christmas tree area by windows, tv area, dog space and most importantly keeping my corner chair in the room with gf while she watches awful tv, but not facing it so i can be oblivious and appear attentive. It also faces the windows, which is nice.

In a nutshell with the given constraints should i bother with making a screen using something along the lines of silver fire, or just sell the projector?

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Old 03-31-2013, 11:15 AM
DIY Grand Dad (w/help)
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I suggest you do up a 82" diagonal Silver Fire v2.5 4.0 painted onto a sheet of Thrifty White hardboard.

The SONY Dyna Clear screen was essentially a bust....that's why it's been discontinued and only used items are to be had.

Behr Silver Screen would get you somewhat close to where you want to go...but fall short of really being spectacular by a appreciable margin. It's biggest advantages lay in lack of expense and ease of application.

Silver Fire done right will erase any thought of dealing with a paltry, puny 60" L:CD...and besides...there are no 60"ers out there at the $800.00 price point worth considering over 82"s of kickin' projected image. Now I have installed a few of the 15,000,000:1 + Contrast LCDs in the 55" - 60" range, and you bet, they are great displays. But even a COSTCO special on one of those will set you back $1400.00 minimum. Anything at / below $1000.00 is just a "Door Buster" special that ain't too special at all if you know anything about what "special" should be.

All in all, doing a great SF project will cost you about $125.00 if you don't need a HVLP, including the hardboard, Paint supplies, Trim and Black Velvet.

What say you?

To quote James T. Kirk;
"I'm laughing at the superior intellect"

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Thanks for the reply,

I definitely was more oriented toward a plasma over an lcd. Something basic on features, 3d imo has flopped, and theres an apple tv here too so a smart tv wouldn't have a real use.

The sony projector and screen was a bundle somewhere in the low $700 range back in early 08. Its been listed on craigslist since early december with a new uninstalled bulb (ordered one right before finding the view sonic) for $400, have not gotten a single email.

Heres a shot of the space, pay no mind to the cable neglect or blowse speakers. They were picked up for little or nothing, the 601s aren't half bad, but the center channel isn't anything special. Everything was ripped apart yesterday to switch in the movie room receiver. Previously with a tenant living above speakers hadn't been much of a concern, no sense in having a setup that only pissed off the person paying my bills. Receiver is a yamaha rx-v3900, more than adequate rms watts for whatever speakers i'd be willing to buy. Have been thinking about picking up the energy 5.1 set on amazon for $400, also saw today this week best buy has the pioneer "andrew jones" speakers on sale they seem pretty well regarded minus the ugliness.

Horizontal space between wall and jamb is 74"

I did try the sony screen and diy'd silver screen I had during the brightest part of the day yesterday. Dark scenes as expected were about unwatchable with all shades open.

Without relocating the thermostat there really isn't room for 80"+ diagonal.

I had been thinking keeping the zoom contracted would help with effective brightness as well as allowing for a screen size that worked within the space.

Heres the windows.

and yes thats a fake eames chair.
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Old 04-02-2013, 09:06 PM
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I have the pro8200 also. I also have a lot of light shining into our living room from all directions. I'm a noob with all this but I'm happy with what I see with projecting on our white wall. It's only going to get better ones I get all my supplies and spray my silver fire screen in the next week or so. I vote to keep it!
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Ended up finding a panasonic tc-60pu50 (tc-60pu54 is sams variant model #) 60" plasma at sams club for $640 on monday. Figuring in anticipated costs in materials, time, gas etc in getting everything together and making the screen its really only about a $500 difference.

Pretty much is what i was looking for if moving away from the projector. No smart features, no 3d, just a dumb tv with a solid picture.

Very happy so far, had the section of wall or seating distance favored 80" or more it wouldn't have been a choice.
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